Mother of the Goddess' Dormitory

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    Mother of the Goddess' Dormitory otherwise known as Megami-ryou no Ryoubo-kun is an ecchi/comedy romance series that first aired in the summer 2021 season. The backstory for Mother of the Goddess Dormitory is that Koushi Nagumo’s life has taken a massive turn for the worse. Not only has his house burned down but his father has abandoned him leaving him destitute and homeless. Spotted in the streets by the eccentric Minera Wachi, she offers him shelter in her home; the Goddess Dormitory.


    It is at the dorm when Minera learns of his plight and offers him a place to stay by suggesting he becomes the “mother” of the dorm. Koushi’s troubles don’t end there though as this female dorm are full of wacky characters that get off to all kind of shenanigans that keeps him on his toes!


    Let’s be clear. This is an ecchi series first and foremost and the series holds no punches in delivering on its ecchi as it sets an acid test of sorts for its viewers. Yes, the opening scene showers us with a bunch of bare breasts so if this is not your thing you will be tuning out very quickly. For anyone that survives the opening sequence then you are far more likely to stay for the long haul given that you are made well aware what to expect next.

    If you like ecchi, you will like Goddess Dormitory and it becomes quite apparent that the premise given is merely an excuse plot to justify the setting for this Anime. The main bone of contention that can put some ecchi lovers off is the fact that our main protagonist is a 12-year-old boy so the dynamic in this series is rather unusual as for the most part the girls in this show are all older than him. It will raise some moral question from some other viewers but I suspect the people who had the biggest beef with that would have already left after the first moments anyways…

    So with the setup and genre established how is the actual show? For the most part it runs like a slice-of-life series with the show covering a one-year period. In this year we bare witness to all the typical scenes we see in romantic Anime series such as the festival, haunted house, beach episode, Christmas episode and more. If you are a big Anime fan you have probably seen these types of episodes play out many times before so no new ground is covered here content wise.

    However, what makes these episodes entertaining despite, its lack of originality, is the ecchi content that is persuasive throughout the show. If you need your ecchi fix this series certainly delivers and the girls in this show are varied enough that you are likely to find your favourite. What’s more the animation throughout the show is solid and no expense is spared in showing the money shots.

    To top this all off, all the characters in this show are funny in their own ways making the episodes a breeze to watch. All the girls have their quirks with Atena Saotome having androphobia meaning she often suffers from nosebleeds when she gets too close to men. Serene Hozumi is the shy (could I say kuudere?) who relies on the power of the moon to gain energy while we get Kiraya Senshou who is the tomboy of the bunch. Frey entertains us with her cosplay antics while Sutea Kouroya is the classic childhood friend. There is not a lot of depth to these characters but they are funny and charming and there is always an episode that is dedicated to a particular girl so we get to learn more about their backgrounds and their personalities there.


    The fact all the girls are off their rockers means that the dynamic of this dormitory is always in a varying state of chaos and in this chaos, we often see accidental ecchi scenes play out with girls invariably tripping into some compromising positions. If you are not an ecchi lover then you will be rolling your eyes all the way but if that is your thing then feast on all that eye candy!

    With all the ecchi and comedic moments you would think Goddess Dormitory cannot deliver much more however it does manage to create some wholesome moments. Due to the age difference between the Koushi and the other girls, the relationship dynamic often takes on more a familial relationship rather than romantic and this angle is pushed more heavily in the final episodes. It is kinda sweet especially when we see the more innocent side of the girl’s personality.


    Animation for Goddess Dormitory remains solid for the most part. However, I did notice in the later episodes the character models losing their details and the animation became more suspect. What remained consistently good was the ecchi moments and no matter the episode the animation was always at its highest when we got a panty or breast shot.

    Speaking of ecchi the series never hesitates to show bare breasts and this is seen frequently. We also get panty shots on a regular basis and there is even some fondling of the privates here and there. That is about the limit of this show so while we get a lot of ecchi, Goddess Dormitory does not push the boundaries of Anime as much as Interspecies Review or Redo the Healer.

    Music was not a prominent feature of the Anime although I must say I did enjoy the opening song which is "Naughty Love" and is voiced by the seiyuus of Atena Saotome (Ashu Nekota), Mineru Wachi (Nairu), Kiriya Senshou (Kururu Kurasaka), Frey (Freya), Serene Hozumi (Yuki Yomichi). The ending theme is also voiced by the girls of the show and is "Zettai! Kimi Sengen ♡". There is a second end song but this actually the opening theme that is used for the season finale ending.


    Mother of the Goddess' Dormitory is an ecchi series first and foremost. If you are not a fan of ecchi then do NOT watch this show. Whilst there are good comedic moments to be had and there are some romantic/wholesome moments, this is not enough to carry the show on its own. The main meal here is the ecchi and the rest are mere side-dishes so if you can’t handle the main meal then the sides will not be able to compensate for the shortfall.

    In terms of ecchi this series does show full frontal nudity on a regular basis and there is even some fondling south of the border but do not expect Goddess Dormitory to push the Anime/hentai boundary to the same degree as Interspecies Review or Redo the Healer. To make up for this lack of edginess this show does deliver a more wholesome environment where all the characters genuinely care for each other. This is more of a vanilla experience in the Love Hina variety. The only caveat I would add is the age gap between the girls and boy which can have some people scratching their heads. All things considered I would recommend this for ecchi lovers but not anyone else.

    Story 6 – We get all the standard romance Anime episodes from beach to Christmas episode so even without watching the series you can probably imagine the ecchi contained within. Saying that the quality of animation and character designs are such that these familiar scenes are still enjoyable. What’s more numerous episodes delve into the individual characters so we get some interesting story developments on that front as well.

    Characters 7 – This is a quirky bunch to say the least! The opening scenes and the shenanigans that occur here largely set the tone for the rest of the show. The personalities while lacking in depth are varied so you are likely to have a favourite girl amongst the bunch. What’s more the chemistry between the girls and the main character are good and their antics manage to add in making the story a more engaging experience.

    Animation/music 7.5 – I would actually give the series an 8 for most of its running but Goddess Dormitory does let itself down somewhat in the later episodes when the animation takes a noticeable downturn. Even with those declines however the animation for the ecchi scenes is always maintained so ecchi lovers don’t fret. On top of the animation the show has a strong opening although I was more indifferent to the ending theme.

    Ecchi 8 – Full frontal nudity, panty shots, various cosplay outfits that even tests your boundaries. It has a good range of ecchi but do not expect full on or even implied sex scenes which occurred in other ecchi series. There is plenty of ecchi in the show and it is recommended you view the uncensored version but beyond the ecchi this show goes for the more loving wholesome angle.

    Overall 7 – If you are not an ecchi lover then subtract two points from the overall score. There are some comedic and romantic elements but this is not enough to keep you interested if ecchi is not your thing. Ecchi lovers will however get A LOT more mileage out of this. The only questionable thing is the fact the girls are 17-year-old college girls while Koushi is a 12-year-old boy. The show goes for the whole little brother angle but that excuse isn’t to fly for everyone…

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