Yosuga no Sora BDs

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With the two major groups subbing Yosuga no Sora: Nuke and UTW and Ryuumaru, not having plans to do the Blu-Ray releases, I am seeking staff to help me with this project.

While I would normally do this myself, my computer barely has enough processing power just to play a 1080p blu-ray, and so using Aegisub on a 1080p BD is out of the question for me let alone encoding (running on an integrated chip here).

With that said, encoders, typesetters, k-timers, timers, etc... are all being recruited. This is not necessarily affiliated with FTV-Subs unless the crew decides to get back together to do this. TLCs are preferred, but not required as we will be using one of the two aforementioned group's scripts.

PM me if you're interested.