Wordpress Blogs Are Back!

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I am very pleased to say The Fansub TV Wordpress Blogs are now functional once again, the login/passwords are unfortunatly no longer synced to the forum so you will need to maintain/remember another login but you can also use your email address as the login name.

The frontpage has also been fixed, it will now show actual recent blog posts, as will the new blogs page.

There is a new button on the menu 'WP Blogs' click on this and it will give you some information on FTV Blogs, including your Blog Username and a link to the login page, you can also click here.

Wordpress and the themes have also been updated to the latest version.

Please note that the old 'Spring for Fansub' Theme unfortunatly broke due to its age and not being compatable with the new Wordpress, if your blog is using this theme, you will need to go to 'Themes' in the admin panel and choose a different one. The theme 'Almost Spring' is very close and is what the Fansub one came from.

Happy Blogging!
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