Wolf Guy



Title: Wolf Guy - Wolfen Crest

Categories: action, fantasy, mature, seinen, supernatural
Author: Tabata Yoshiaki
Artist: Yugo Yuuki

Ms. Aoshika is not only divorced, but an underappreciated teacher at her job. But one drunken mishap leads her to witness firsthand the brutal assault and murder of a young man. However, after fainting, she awakens to discover that all of the assailants have been seriously wounded.

And to her further surprise, the next day she discovers that not only is the young man Akira she met the night before alive, but he is now her new transfer student.


I started reading this at the same time as G.E. gooding ending and Karate Shoukoushi Kohinata Minoru. A fun read and the art is really good. what else to say, werewolves are cool. also haguro looks like meier link in vampire hunter d lol. the pacing imo is like blade of the immortal. check it out.


Mate... Thanks for posting this. Saw it 2 days ago and you got me interested... Read all 39 chapters at once and it was good. Now i can't wait for the next couple of chapters...

I do wonder if that Konuma girl is a vampire..The first time i saw her she kinda reminded me of one.


No way! A twilight anime?

No but really. Just read the whole thing in one go. It was good, but I really hate the whole pacifista shit. Really I'm here reading about a guy who just takes punches.

I really hope he goes ape crazy or something.
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