Wild Dreams!


-Snuggle Bunny
The other days I was chatting with someone over some Tea and Scones who I hadn't seen since High School - the wonders of bumping into people in a candle store -. Anyway we got talking about what the other was doing now, usual conversational crap. Anyway we started talking about his job and how he doing something he has dreamt of doing since he was a kid.

So I'm curious what dreams/goals or ambitions all of you have or had.

One of mine when I was about 15 was to open up my own Maid Café. Yes I have a Maid fetish but it's for different reasons. I, like a lot of people was bullied so for alot of High School I was isolated and alone. And I retreated into Anime and Manga, and I can't remember what it was I was watching at the time, but a few of them had Maid Cafés in them and I know it was just Anime, but in everyone I watched Maid Cafés always seemed to be this nice relaxing place where everyone is at peace and enjoys themselves. So if I had one, even though I'd be alone, I'd have a place where other people could enjoy themselves and have good company. This dream only lasted a few months but I always thought it was cute.
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