Where are you from and how fast did you hear...


I'm not one to discuss politics online much but rather than because its politics i wanted to ask about this more because it involves a dead "person of interest".

I know it sounds cryptic to discuss this in this kind of forum but please humor me if you are feeling like it, where are you from and how fast did you hear about this?
I'm quite interested in knowing how much coverage this is getting outside of Argentina after all the drama we had lately with our default etc

I'm talking about the death of Nisman

I don't really want to talk about it, it's just that i was extremelly curious about how much coverage this has on other countries and how other people are looking at us right now.

ps: just in case, idk how many people will stop by my profile after i start this kind of thread, but im 27, age/bd is displayed at my profile, im sorry if anyone thinks its a bit out of place to put this in an anime forum, i just wanted to hear this from like-minded people (in my case, otakus? lol)


I have actually been threw a lot of sites of stuff such as daily mail or countries own and even follow news every morning and on the radio even! (Yes I use a radio), but... Scotland/England/Netherlands/Belgium has like Zero, nil, nothing about that, Never even heard of it till you just typed about it.
Honestly, I have only found like 1/2 topics about it with like only 10 post views.

Most of all the coverage I have seen with news the past 20 hours is still about the middle east and aircraft's...


-Snuggle Bunny
Same as Masich.

Until I saw this thread I hadn't got a clue this was going on, in the UK at least this is getting no coverage not during prime time news cycles at least.


Thanks for the replies.

Well i would be lying if i said this wasnt concerning, but at the very least for now its still under investigation. And its not like we are the kind of country were this actually happens on a daily basis, a reporter said its been over 30 years since the last political death in Argentina, so I dont really believe this should impact the image of our country..... still its a bit disconcerting to hear this isnt covered much outside our country.

Thanks again i guess thats pretty much all i hoped to hear.
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