When is your birthday???

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what month is ur birthday?

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happy birthday sir Daft. wishing all the best.
Way early but like they say..."tis the thought that counts." So, in three days time, an old FTV friend will be celebrating his birthday and I am here to congratulate him early...first in line! Have a wonderful birthday, BB~san! I hope your sweetie will bake you a yummy cakie to go along with all the merry making!

Happy Birthday Nioki-san! 10/17
Thank you Norren', Yaya!!! ^^ mhm.. I'll need to redownload the FTV birthday list again, now that I think about it. Dunno anyone's anymore, since moved pc's a while ago.. Anyway, thanks for remembering!!! ^^
I remembered that something was just not quite right these ftv days and now I know what it is!

I forgot to wish one of the nicest guys on ftv a !!!

I sure hope it was a grand, happy, fun filled, loved up, hugged beyond measure of a birthday, Woofie-san!

Oh thanks Aya-tan. Granted it seems good things happened after my birthday though. I managed to get my new laptop at the end of the month or so.

Also, with it being in the middle of the week I couldn't hang out with friends. Although made that up with a friend of mine who has the same birthday as mine by hanging out at his place over Memorial Day weekend, so it wasn't a total loss.
12:07 AM
Friday, July 25, 2014 (BST)
Time in London, UK

Well now, that can only mean one thing!
A special day is to be celebrated by an old friend and longtime ftv member...the illustrious and colorful, JCDRANZER!

Spend your day celebrating! Be of good cheer always! Or, well, you may end up like this noble fellow dear Capitano...


QUOTE nijlandp:  oh, i forgot the birthday's again.
Well, my fine friend, I did not forget!
We have known each other for some time now (in and out of ftv) so I take this opportunity to wish you a very
Happy Birthday, dear nijlandp!

I know the party is early (08/31) but since you are rumored to be celebrating all this weekend, I thought it would be nice to wish you a grand time ahead of time.

May you enjoy a good life with family and friends, in good health, always remaining the gentleman you have been!

QUOTE (nijlandp @ Aug 02 2014, 06:44 PM)
oh, i forgot the birthday's again. That always happens..So JCDRANZER. A bit late but still a happy birthday


Happy Birthday nijlandp.
Thanks both of you. It is a bit hectic this weekend but till now nothing has been broken (most of the times it was just glasses although somebody once managed to slip and wreck my table..). I hope you all have a good day just as i hope to have today


Thank you for creating Fansub.TV! All of us hope that you have a glorious birthday.
happy birthday daft!
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