What translation strategies does the fansubber use

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To the fansub community:
I am currently undertaking an Honours Research Assignment at Stellenbosch University in South Africa, investigating the differences and similarities between professionally produced subtitles and those produced by fansubbers (in both cases from Japanese to English). I have two particular questions in mind that would aid my research and that I hope could be answered by fans and fansubbers alike. No one is obligated to answer these questions, and any answers will be used strictly for research purposes and kept anonymous. The questions are:
a) Are most fansubbers from/live in Japan or the US?
b) Do they tend towards domesticating* or foreignizing* strategies when subtitling?
*The term domesticating refers to a translation strategy in which the text is made to conform as closely as possible to the target language culture (in the case of fansubbing, English), whereas foreignizing on the other hand aims to retain features of the source language culture (in this case, Japanese).
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