What are you watching?

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As the title suggests, tell us what you are watching.
This is the anime watching version of the 'What are you doing?' thread.
Whatever episode or movie etc you just watched, tell us about it!

Use spoiler tags for anything that might affect a person who has not started watching it yet.

Suggested to be max 1 post per day, but not a strict limit.
Funny you should post this thread cause I just wrote a review thread about series I recently watched. The most recent anime series I have seen is episode of 2 Meikyuu Black Company. The second episode was a bit of treat. It parodies the bad practices of black companies. We also get a political rally from Kinji which is all done for all the wrong reasons; the guy is just after power and doesn't really care what happens to his "electorate".
Just finished watching Tsukimichi S1 finale. Mixed feelings, on one hand, I was really disappointed with the fight scene not quite living up to the Manga/LN/WN, but then afterwards we got to watch an Alke prattle on like an RPG NPC. :D

Seirei Gensouki's finale monday was also a bit of a mixed feel. On one hand, the series flowed pretty well, on the other... that ending made the whole season feel like a badly paced opening episode.
Aquatope episode 12 is the last episode watched. It is a nice wholesome series and the main girls Kukuru and Fuuka are sweet likeable girls. They are going through some drama but it is only the half way point so hopefully they turn it around in the second half! Major crossroads at the moment,
Currently watching:


Kanata no Astra ~(Astra Lost in Space)
I watched the first quite a long time ago, then completely forgot its name, and even ask several people if they knew what it was from my description of the first episode lol.
Well today I found episode 1 again in some old files and now I'm watching it all, so far really enjoying it, next is episode 7.
Aside from needing to set aside some time to binge the stuff I was saving to marathon, I picked up a rather odd retro anime earlier: Fang of the Sun Dougram. Being a Battletech fan, this is kind of a homage view rather than a nostalgia view, tho'. (After I get through Dougram I need to dig up Patlabor. Already watched Macross multiple times over.)
Was planning on watching the Azur Lane Slow Ahead, but I guess since I've been away from finding and watching anime for so long I feel a bit out of touch as of late.
I haven't watched seasonal anime in a while but this season I'm picking up Fuuto Tantei because W is my favorite Kamen Rider. It's pretty good so far, definitely still has that hard half boiled style.
(From the "What are you doing" thread).
In terms of anime, Girls Und Panzer has been a huge part of what I have been watching, I re-watched a bit of the TV series, I think it was from episode 8, simply because I happened across it and got watching it. I then went on a bit of a mission to watch everything that followed, the OVAs, Der Film and Das Final. I was on a search for more Maho so then read the Erika manga by the same author. Oh and I just got two boxes of anime blue-rays. Maybe I should take a photo of that.
Since that update I have been mostly watching Girls Und Panzer related videos like AMVs and MMDs etc. I have not yet picked up my next anime but I'm currently thinking of watching some K-On, either the film or the second season or both as I recently got it on blue-ray.
Finally started watching more anime, watched season 1 and 2 of Classroom of the Elite, that was certainly interesting although some of the characters are truly horrible. Just when I was thinking a character was nice or cute, the story would reveal their horrid side.

Today I just finished "Remake Our Life!" and my god that was amazing, it really hit me hard. I can't put it into words right now, but it really hit home with me and my own attempts at creativity, this site, the webzine, my fansub group etc. One of the best anime I have seen in a while, highly recommend it.
Obviously, I am watching one of my favorite novels' adaptations this season: Sworddad! (Tensei Shitara Ken Deshita)

Also watching the continuation of Legend of Galactic Heroes DNT, and when I get a weekend to burn I'll catch up on Akuyaku Reijou nanode Last Boss o Kattemimashita.

I still need to catch up on the last three seasons, tho', and "Remake our life" just went in the queue, too.
Couple of new shows found their way into the watch list:

Kage no Jitsuryokusha ni Nariakute (I love this Manga.)

and I think I'll at least try the Alchemy show airing this season. There's also that Farming skill show, the manga for it is funny, but I'm not sure if it's fun enough to merit a watch. It's got kind of an aimless start.
Been a while since my last update on here so since then I have watched all of Highschool DxD, that was great, Xenovia is awesome and my favourite character, now added to my harem on anidb.


Then I think it was Tsuki to Laika to Nosferatu (Vampire Cosmonaut) which I loved, as it rolled on through the series I was getting so nervous about the ending, but I'm not going to spoil it, you should watch it because dam it was great. See the article by monsta or ddls.

I have just watched all of Konosuba, both seasons and the specials, and I'm now a Megumin fan, she has been added to the harem. I mean it was obvious wasn't it, she has the same short spiky hair style, shes got red eyes and shes cute as hell. :)
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