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Firstly, Welcome to the new site! Or should I say, sites, but let me start from the beginining...

Whats Happened / Basic Introduction
Many of you will know this web site as either Fansub.TV or Maiku Ando TV, and right now your looking at one or the other thinking 'what is this other site?'.
Originally designed and built by Daft27-Nya-samma, and often known as FTV or just 'Fansub' it started out as a way for him to get his favourite animes. It later grew into a huge community and in my opinion the best anime site on the internet. Its the place where I got the majority of my anime from, and where I got to meet a huge number of my friends. FTV's many great projects, including a fansub group, a scanlation team, a webzine and the karaoke project make this the most fun and interesting community I've been a part of. In recent years myself and Kit-Tsukasa were invited to become co-leaders. We ran the site as a 3-way leadership with daft27, and despite the many issues (server failures, lost data etc) all 3 of us kept it going. Recently things became difficult when we lost the main database system known as Pulse where we lost our anime updates and most of the data for those (that story is here). Earlier in 2016 the domain came up for renewal and as this is a logical time to close a site, Daft asked me if I wanted to take it over, and I of course agreed, I wanted to keep FTV alive, somehow, even though its main site is badly broken without anime updates and the forum was preventing a server update. We have a great community, a beauitiful but a now broken website that would be very hard to fix or need starting again.
No surprises from the name that this is my own creation, it started off as a simple mp3 server using 3rd party software call Andromeda, and it was running on a wacky full tower server running dual pentium pro processors and something silly like 32MB of ram in my living room. It didn't do videos initially, until one day I randomly put a video in the folder and found it worked. Next step was to put it on the internet and I manually uploaded animes to it. Originally, I just put up the old classics that I liked, and then I started adding stuff that Fansub deleted, and thus MATV became the 'VCR' (thats Video Cassette Recorder for you young kids) to Fansub's 'TV'. MATV later started a DDL service for fansub groups, and the main group was Ryumaru, this pretty much took us to new levels of traffic and exposure, and many other groups joined later, and the DDL service was a major anime source for the site. The problem was, the community never took off, so we had a website with some nice features that worked, but not many people to use them.

What Happened in Dec 2016?
With Fansub having a broken website and a great community, and MATV having a working website (with anime updates) and a dead community, it seemed the logical choice to combine these two sites, and pair a great community with anime updates and updated software. What you are using right now, is that new creation, the merger of Fansub and MATV. Both of those names and sites still operate, but the community and forum you see here is the same for both. So think of it as two websites, one forum, one community led by Maiku_Ando, Daft27 & Kit-Tsukasa, all 3 of us will continue to be here and keep things working the best we can, along with all of the Fansub.TV Crew and MATV Crew and of course the Sempais and project members.

New Features
With the new software, theres lots of new things to try out.
We have 3 separate databases of Anime! Streaming - which features up to date streamable content from Crunchyroll, MATV - which has recent downloads of fan videos and info on past series, and finally FTV - which although is not updated has a lot of info on past animes. We also have partial data from MyAnimeList added into the first 2 databases. We are working on making these more accessable and eventually joining them up together to make it easier to find stuff, but for now all 3 are available to use. if you don't find it in one, try the others!.
Anime News
This is an automated news hound robot that creates new threads about anime related news. Discuss and comment directly as replies to its posts or request a news feed that you'd like to see added. Any site that gives news via RSS or XML is supported.
The Gallery (& AMV)
A full gallery that supports images and videos, public and private galleries, categories, tags, ratings and comments. No longer do you have to post in a forum thread or wade through lots of posts, its a full gallery open to everyone. Anyone can make their own gallery or upload to existing categories. If you want a new category just ask a team member or myself. We also have an Ecchi gallery, to get into it ask a team member to join the 'Ecchi' group. We just started a Christmas Gallery, come help us fill it up!
Live Chat
Exactly as it sounds, we have a live chat room. It supports private chat and public chat. This uses the Rizon IRC network.
A fansub.TV project, come join in the fun in our virtual Karaoke lounge, play and sing along to your favourite anime tunes with your friends. Just download the little program/app and plug in your microphone.
Mini Blogs
Not quite as feature rich as the Fansub Wordpress blogs, but these do have the ability to include your gallery / images from the gallery automatically. Tell us about yourself, anime or anything you want (within reason, and not illegal!) by making your own mini blog. Just click the Mini Blogs button on the top of the page and click create. Its open to everyone. These are in addition to the old Wordpress blogs (see below).
Misc Files (& Game Patches)
Need to share a file with someone? Have a translation patch for a game you'd like to share? Upload it here and share it with the community. Fully featured, wil show you the number of downloads, allows comments and ratings.
Blogs (Wordpress)
A Fansub.TV project, the main anime blogs are a full featured personal blog running Wordpress. These are back up and running and you can post new articles etc. Click the link above or 'WP Blogs' on the menu to access them. New user registrations are currently disabled.

If you would like to reply or discuss any of the items in this post, please post or reply in this thread insted (click here), I want to keep this thread clear for providing information in a single location.

If any of the features or items in this post are not visable or accessable or appear to have no content - something is broken so please report it.
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