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Tsukimiya Ayu

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ー リターン ー

"Is the power of Eternal Love would be enough to......"
"Turn back the Hands of Time?..."

Genre: Yuri, Incest and Bishoujo
Game Type: Visual Novel

Plot Summary:

Reika Kamiya, A 19 year old College Student, who had lost her beloved boyfriend in an accident 4 years ago, but promised to come back again in order to fulfill Reika's wish, and that is to be with him forever, but ended up on a tragic accident.

During the accident, While reika's boyfriend is at the verge of death she gave Reika a Magical Pendant that looks like a pair of small clock hands, that is said to be linked on each other even parted aways, and he told her to throw the other pair and if someone might find it then that would be him, the reincarnation of her boyfriend's soul, and Reika throws the other pair believing on it's magic.

Four years had past Reika is now a College Student, still believing on pendant's magic, she's still out to find her reincarnated boyfriend. And on her search, Reika will meet different peoples who will soon become her friends, now will she be able to find her long lost love ? or she will have a new one ?.

Characters Description:

Lead Characters' Name: Reika Kamiya
In Kanji: 神夜 麗花
Location: Kitami-shi, Abashiri-shicho, Hokkaido
In Kanji: 北見市, 網走支庁, 北海道
University Attending: Kitami Institute of Technology
In Kanji: 北見工業大学
Age: 19
Description: The main character of the story she lost her boyfriend 4 years ago and now slowly recovering she and her parent's transferred to Hokkaido due to her fathers' work and hobby Photography which Reika hates the most, she's taking up a college course on Kitami Institute of Technology or Kitami Kougyou Daigaku. Reika is an energetic, friendly, playful, cheerful and outgoing person, she's always ready to give a hand on her friends whom she treasures so much though she always likes to tease Haruna.

Character Name: Haruna Katazakikawa
In Kanji: 片崎河 春菜
Location: Ouzora-cho, Abashiri-shicho, Hokkaido
In Kanji: 大空町, 網走支庁, 北海道
University Attending: Kitami Institute of Technology
In Kanji: 北見工業大学
Age: 19
Description: Haruna Katazakikawa, A 19 year old College Student she was Reika's first friend and classmate on the school where they attend, Shy, Timid, Friendly and very easy to approach, she and Reika became friends on the very first day of they're classes, despite her good character she hides a dark past that no one on her class knows. She's also a good poet writer that made Reika to tease her like when she's staring into something reika will utter a poetic line about the thing that Haruna stares at and of course haruna will get made on her but will befriends her by softly touching haruna's back while sliding her hands then Haruna will shout at her saying "HENTAI",

Character Name: Kotoko Hayashikawa
In Kanji: 林側 琴光
Location: Ouzora-cho, Abashiri-shicho, Hokkaido
In Kanji: 大空町, 網走支庁, 北海道
University Attending: Kitami Institute of Technology
In Kanji: 北見工業大学
Age: 19
Kotoko Hayashikawa, A 19 year old college student and is the Vice President of The Computer Software's Club, aside from being active on her club activities she's also the Head Librarian of her school, she loves books so much that it came to the point that her classmates call her "Hon-ya" or literally "Book Shop" every time she goes in and out or even while walking she always had a book on her hands. She's also good on Computer Software's she is also the Head Programmer and Designer of her Schools' "Easy Library System". She's an Outspoken person aside from her geeky look she is very good on reasoning out her opinions whether it's negative or positive yet friendly, like Reika, Kotoko is a very energetic person.

Character Name: Hiromi Sakurada
In Kanji: 桜打 広実
Location: Tsubetsu-cho, Abashiri-shicho, Hokkaido
In Kanji: 津別町, 網走支庁, 北海道
University Attending: Kitami Institute of Technology
In Kanji: 北見工業大学
Age: 20
Hiromi Sakurada, A 20 year old college student, Timid, Shy, Quiet and Friendly, she also tends to break glassware's at work due to her Air-Headed-ness or whenever someone is ordering on her she starts to stop. Reika first saw her being sexually harassed by a bunch of thug-like customers by taking advantage of Hiromi's character during her part time job at the cafeteria as a waitress but Reika saved Hiromi to the thug-looking customers and after that they became close friends. Despite being a-year older to Reika, Hiromi admires Reika so much when they first met.

Development Staff:

as you can see, we don't have enough staff to complete this project so anyone here whose free for now and are willing to help me on this project please pm me here and thank you very much.

Head Writer: Lumhiere
Scenario Writer (needing 3 active peoples):

Character Artist: (i already have 2 but both of them haven't give me an update to the project for about 6 days from now, so if they will not give me an update within this week then this position will be available, those who are interested on this position just pm me here, for the meantime i'll just update this page if this position will be vacant)
Character Sprites Artist (needing 6 active peoples):
Background Artist (needing 4 active peoples):

Head Programmer: killdream of Lemma Soft Forums
Co-Programmer: Lumhiere (me)
GUI Designer and Programmer:

Note: I can also contribute on the programmings and gui designing/programming but not that much compared to the pro and also I've already made the scenario writing for Katazakikawa Haruna. Also about the location plot mostly took placed in Hokkaido, Japan from the Abashiri-shicho sub-prefecture like the "Kitami Institute of Technology". if you'll gonna' pm me why hokkaido my answer is i just love snow and I've Sound.