video and music file conversions

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sailor keiko 2

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What is the best recommended & tested program that can be freely be downloaded
that can perform universal music & video file conversion ex. .flv to .avi or .flv to .mp3 or .ogg to .mp3 or .avi to .divx

speaking of which, what about the best recommended & tested universal player that can be freely be downloaded that I can watch & listen to.

sailor keiko 2

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By the way,

I noticed while downloading an anime episode - its in Animation Shop 2 Animation
it takes very long time say 2hrs just to download a single anime episode under 400MB.

I tried looking for an Animation Shop 2 player online - it doesnt exist.

But on my PC its automatically converted to Windows Media file.

Is there a way to convert Animation Shop 2 Animation file to say Windows Media file & be able to download the file more quickly

if the file is in .flv - it downloads quickly

if the file is in .avi such as K-On! - it downloads in about 30 min depend on network traffic
on my PC its automatically converted to .divx file


-プリムラ こいびと
Do no double post within the same day edit your post if you want to add some more to your original post.


Like kansa said don't double post. There is an edit button for reason.

For players please for the love of all things holy stay away from VLC. It may not require you to install codecs and all that other stuff but it has faults especially when soft subtitles are involved.

Players I like and recommend are Media Player Classic, MPlayer and well that's about the only ones I would trust. For codec packs try and stay away from the K-Lite and it's derivatives. They have multiple copies of codecs and overlapping codecs which aren't needed and can slow down you media player. CCCP however is pretty good.

For video converters there is Handbrake (supports almost any input file but has limited output types), Mediacoder (you need to know a lot about containers, codecs and bitrate to get it to work well) and of course the commercial ones such as Recode, Xilisoft and probably many others. I've used all of the ones mentioned and it really just matters what you want.


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I’ve become accustomed to using VideoCharge Studio. As for me and my needs, this is the best program for work with video files among the similar ones which I know. The program simply and quickly performs all the operations that I’m used to do with video – cutting video into sections, creating screenshots and so on.

This program has an advanced functionality to create video with watermarks, good video montage facilities, well thought-out mechanism to work with a lot number of files at once. The program also can create HTML templates for publishing video in the Internet. So far this is the application number one for my tasks!


eRightSoft's SUPER©, of course. It's free, and it can do pretty much anything to video and audio files, given you have the right codecs installed. I can't think of a better alternative.

As far as players go, I use Winamp 5.x for music because I like the equalizer, MediaPlayer Classic Homecinema for video and some DVD; I also use InterVideo WinDVD for DVD and BD, but this one isn't free (though it came bundled w/ my laptop).