Unblock Ads on FTV

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Why: read this.

For Firefox users with Adblock plus and NoScript:
=Adblock plus: add fansub.tv to your whitelist.
=NoScript: Advanced tab -> ABE tab:
1. Check ‘Enable ABE’
2. click USER
3. paste these lines:
CODE Site ads.adbrite.com
Accept from fansub.tv *.fansub.tv
Site ads.adbrite.com
Deny4. Add 'fansub.tv' and 'adbrite.com' to NoScript white list. ABE Rules in step3 will disallow all other sites from loading AdBrite except FTV.

Refresh the page, and you should see text ads appear.

Reference: Arstechnica
Page2 of the reference site has instructions for other browsers.


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Firstly I want to say well done for showing that on here, (and also to the people who wrote that article).

Site advertising is not done to make the owners of a site rich, most sites, including FTV run ads because they have to, it pays for the servers, it pays for bandwidth, and it keeps the sites going. And in most cases, it dosnt actually make enough to pay for the site. FTV runs at a loss each month. And so does MATV for that matter.

I would also ask people that use ad blockers to think a little bit further than this post, don't just allow FTV, but allow all the sites you like and use on a regular basis, every site that has ads needs that revenue to stay alive, if you support that site, then don't block the ads.

Ads on a site often go a lot further than you think to keeping things going, for example I bet very few on here know that my ads actually help another site you all love as well my own, all due to the chain of how resources are used.

You'd also be amazed at how the odd click can dramatically increase the revenue from ads, no one asks nor expects you to click ads on every visit, thats insane, but maybe once a week, or once a month click on one that amuses you. If everyone did that, the amount of money available to spend on bandwidth and hosting would be a lot higher, that means more animes and faster downloads, so it really does benefit you, and its only 30 seconds of your time to click, wait and click back.

As for donatons, these are often few and far between, and these are often abused by people, I bet you dont know that donations can actualy cost a site a small fortune in fees because people donate and then cancel it, causing a charge back.
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