Umai Fansubs

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Umai Fansubs is in need of the following but notably the ones with the asterick:

Translators* (2+)
Editors (Vary)
Typesetters* (2+)
Quality Check (Vary)
Timers (Vary)
Distro (Vary)

If you think you know Japanese well enough to help a fansub group, If you think you have the time, and you can make the effort to help be part of a group, then Umai might be the right place for you...(sorry for this cheesy advertisement deali).

For More Information Check out:

P.S. If you do/want to become a translator keep in mind that History's Strongest Disiciple Kenichi needs to have more people so it can be released faster. P.S.S. Kenichi is a joined/collaboration group project with Umai and Doremi.

Note: I am NOT part by any means a member of the group myself, but just a critic that watches Kenichi subbed from them. Please also note that this is by any means NOT a paid work, just volunteer, but you have to have a commitment.