Umai Fansubs Recruiting (Mekaku City Actors)

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Hi there,

Umai Fansubs is coming back from hibernation hopefully to take on Mekaku City Actors this April. I believe it will be a great show and would like to bring us back to life with this. We currently need everything, primarily Translators and Translation checkers. Don't worry we have history and a great subbing environment. I don't really have time or knowledge to create a bunch of tests. I can typeset and time pretty good and QC a little. Just some examples of previous work is fine and I can probably find someone to offer a critique perhaps(remember we wish to do a good job and uphold the tradition of quality for our viewers), however I'm more interested in doing a good job and having fun. Check out our previous works on anidb and Mekaku City Actors (I'm not allowed to include links so please look those up). Feel free to contact kuri` or slevin or Orange-kun whoever I am at the moment if interested. Thanks for reading, I look forward to fansubbing again with everyone.

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