Torrents disconnecting connection


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well, just changed my ISP, and I can't seem to use torrents anymore
here's the situation: I connect to the internet via a PPPOE connection
when I have a torrent-client opened, the connection drops out of the blue
without it, I can do direct downloads without a problem
I have this problem with both uTorrent and Azureus (though with Azureus it's less often as with uTorrent, which disconnects after a few minutes)
I know it must be my settings, but dunno which ones XD

if u need more info, ask

PD: I don't have access to the router


If you're connected to the internet through a router, then I had the same problem back when I had my first router. For me, the problem with torrent downloader and my computer is that the connection resets itself with my computer, not with the router, so it doesn't affect every computer connected to the router.

I found out that there could be three reasons to why you get disconnected from the router:
1) You're downloading too much kb at a time via torrent. (this can happen even if you aren't on a router)
2) Your ISP blocked the use of torrents (this one I don't understand why)
3) Your router overrides traffic and automatically cuts off any connection (slim, but probable.)

So what I had to do is limit the download/upload speed to around 60 kb/s (which really sucked at the time, but got me somewhere while being able to use the internet at the same time). I've heard from friends that they do have the same problems, so I'll ask them and come back to you on this. For now, try limiting your up/down speed at a certain rate.

Edit: If you use utorrent (which I use):
Have you run Speed Guide (CTRL+G) and have it check your speeds and set µTorrent's settings based on your UPLOAD speed?

Do you have UPnP and/or DHT enabled?
Also what are your half-open connection limit?

EDIT2: a friend says: "It could be the SP2 pack if you are running it with windows XP. Microsoft added a tcpip limit in the tcpip.sys. It causes your connection to overflow and sometimes crash. It makes it slow for sure and makes it impossible to browse when downloading torrents. Ok here is the fix for it. Very easy, you just have to change the tcpip limit. The following patch changes it from 10 to 50. I found I was still having problems so I changed it to 1000. This just makes it the same has removing it. With that, problem solved."

He also said that it'd be wied to get a patch for the thing... but by then if you had automatic updates on, it should of patched anyways.


, formerly known as BAakaTheOne
just tested with uTorrent
set upload limit to 60 KB, not working, set the global max connections to 40, set the max no of connected partners per torrent to 20
not working

my TCP/IP limit has been set to 200 for a while now (is there a possibility to change the no of half-open connections uTorrent uses ?)

I only have 1 torrent for upload in the test

the tests gave me the following upload-speeds
  • Australia - ~200kb
  • Europe - ~1-1.5 mb
  • USA - ~0.7-1mb


Some routers are overwhelmed by the huge number of connections continually being made by bittorrent clients, they crash from overheating or their routing tables filling up. So it's worth doing a search to see if your make is known to have issues with bittorrent. Sometimes a firmware upgrade will fix things. For my system I've kept maximum uploaders to 4 and max download connections to 20 so as keep both system loading and router loading mangageble. Some bottorrent clients will max out your cpu if you let them use too many connections which might cause problems in itself


-kenja sama
QUOTE (hamasusuke @ Apr 23 2007, 12:27 AM) 2) Your ISP blocked the use of torrents (this one I don't understand why)
Simply run your bitTorrent client on an alternate port. In most cases, it will do the trick to go around any firewall that is not behaving in a friendly manner on your ISP's side.


, formerly known as BAakaTheOne
don't know the make/model of the router

anyway, the problem seems to have disappeared since I changed from WinXP's PPPoE client to RASPPPoE client.....
although I haven't tested it with a good torrent for more than a 20 minutes.....

will get back if it still not working.......
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