To Heart 2

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WOOT~ any old skool anime viewers must have watched the classic of shouen ai anime To Heart right? the famous H-game sequel is finally going to be Animated! So is it good? i can tell u that it's Shuffle! meets To Heart 2, umm.....yea which means Shuffle! can just go baq to school (haha you noobs!) Seriously, if you search for hot pics of girls, Tamaki totally owned! LONG LIVE TAMAKI AND YOUR LONG LEGS!!!

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Is the series gunparade march any good? never seen it so... Either way, I never really liked the first To Heart series... Not cute and ecchi enough for me? This one shows promise though...
Sweat when is it gona be released (i watched the first season about a month ago)
just wondering in order to understand whats going on in this series i have to watch the first to heart series ? if so just for the record how long was it ?
It is 13 episode's and you can download them here kragmuffin just scroll down a little and you will see it.
That link only goes to a site with the first season of To Hearth on it (and some other good anime shows)
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