To Aru Majutsu no Index III

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QUOTE (julezia @ Feb 08 2011, 09:47 AM) I was also wondering for awhile why the Misaka sisters wear the goggles, maybe now we will get an explanation for that.
You know I kinda feel bad for Touma, all the girls that like him abuse him in some way: Biribiri with her shocks, Index biting his head, and Seiri kicking him down. The only ones who don't hurt him are Aisa and Itsuwa.
I'm pretty sure the goggles were explained last season. The Misaka clones - while they have the same power as Misaka - lack in one quality: they can't "feel" or see magnetic waves. In order to actually use their powers like Misaka can, they have to wear the goggles, which allow them to see magnetic waves and thus manipulate them.

Misaka herself is able to naturally see the magnetic waves and manipulate them, but for whatever reason the clones don't have that ability.
^ Oh yeah, I totally forgot about that.

QUOTE (wedora @ Feb 08 2011, 04:48 PM)
They'd have to shoehorn saten in pretty hard, and even then it'd still feel forced. She fit well in railgun due to the more school-life setting and misakas desire to be more of a normal person, but index is full of powerful people doing really dangerous things on a much wider scale. She'd end up being a third wheel and only take focus away from the main plot.

There are other characters who aren't as strong, yet still have roles in Index like Uiharu for instance or Seiri. But I digress, we can discuss why Saten isn't in Index II til the cows come home and it won't make any difference.
Well just so you know Uiharu is a member of Judgement and is mostly not in the field at times. She's more along the line of a support character. Besides it would be kind of wierd to have Saten-san involved on the Inex side because let's face it the only one that should save her is Misaka. Besides if touma gets involved with her she'll be added to his "Volunteer Harem".
Lol? Naw, Satens far too strong-willed and confident in that matter to fall for that guy. If you look at it the only people who fall for him are girls who are saved by him and weak will when it comes to romantic and such things.
Ok with 18 it seems that Misaka Misaka ends up meeting up with Touma while Index meets up with Accelerator. For the first time it felt like the lolis switch places for a bit here kind of deal.

Although the opening with Styl left me wondering what the Archbishop signed off for. Although it was kind of funny on how she was trying to dodge the question by acting all innocent like that.

Also, to top it all of the bit with Kansaki and the other nuns was kind of fun to watch as well here.
A really funny ep with some nice background infos about Accelerator and Aiho (was time dammit!).

I really liked the scene with Laura and Stiyl. And the way she acted like in an ecchi anime and making fun of Stiyl with this was just great. And her beeing wet was great too.
But I really want to know what she signed. Probably something pretty troublesome for Stiyl, Touma & Co which fits in her plan and gets her some fun on top of it.

The part about Kaori and the nuns with the washing machine was great too. Didnt know they where that oldschool to not even know how to handle the machine. But some really nice fanservice there ^^

The part about Misaka, Misaka-imouto and Misaka-Misaka was great too. Im pretty sure I never heared so many "Misakas" in one ep before. Still great fun, even though I hoped for Accelerator and Touma to meet.
What surprised me is that Accelerator didnt notice that Index was alwasy saying the name Touma. I mean its pretty unrealistic that he would forget him.
But since he never really listens to what anyone says its not really that surprising.
You know, I don't think the Japanese language does third-person talk like that justice. It feels really long-winded and almost like a ploy to take up more seconds in Japanese. Its just not nearly as quick as it is in english. The Misaka sister eps have bothered me because the conversations feel slow solely due to this reason.

After re-watching 17, I don't feel like the transition between 16 and 17 was done well. 17 had an entirely different tone and pace, and really didn't give us the direction or foreshadowing that the other lead-in eps have. The ep was also hectic and random, and really felt like it belonged somewhere else in the series, like directly after the Daihaseisai instead of after Italy.
I don't like it when characters talk in third person in all cases, but in the case of the Misaka sisters I do enjoy it. Its interesting how they describe how they would have said whatever it is they are saying, like "Misaka says in awe," or "Misaka says shyly in a small voice." In my opinion it adds their appeal. But I do agree that the conversations are slow, and sometimes I get tired of hearing of them say "Misaka" repeatedly in once sentence.

It felt like a slice-of-life episode, and sometimes you need those kind to relax and soak in the atmosphere of the place. I enjoyed seeing what the other characters are up to, like Kaori and the nuns trying to work the washing machine.

Going by the preview the action will pick up again next episode, and I'm excited to see Accelerator will be involved and hopefully kick some ass.

QUOTE (Killer_Ossi @ Feb 13 2011, 08:33 PM)
What surprised me is that Accelerator didnt notice that Index was alwasy saying the name Touma. I mean its pretty unrealistic that he would forget him.
But since he never really listens to what anyone says its not really that surprising.

Hmm I wonder about that too. It could be that Accelerator just didn't catch his name, maybe it never came up.... I don't remember. If he did know who Touma was, he would have shown more of a reaction.
I don't think Touma ever said his name to Accelerator so he wouldn't catch his name off hand
I kinda stopped watching after the whole "Girl who uses paper magic deal"

I want to re-pick this, is it still going strong and good?
Well it's now getting into the Accelerator and Last Order Arc. From the looks of things so far it's getting good to the point of were Touma is not alone here. Also, it looks like he's going to rescue Accelerator no matter what it looks like.

In any case this season was predominatly about the other nuns along with how Index is not as overly useless as she was in the first season. Aside from that we now know that it's mostly the Catholic Church vs. the Academey City. Although it looks like pretty much the magic users of th eChurch pretty much want to override what the church is normally known for in reall life, and with what they've shown at the end of the previous arc.

Although it was also interesting how Aisha, the one who housed the angel in the last season, was doing after all this time. Also, it looks like she does like to use those weapons of hers when you say things she doesn't like to hear.
Hello Kid-Wold long time no see.^^

But ummm. I really do love this series, and the manga scans are slow as hell, so I'll definitely re-pick this up once I have free time.

I really didn't like any of the nuns, like at all, but I'll deal with it. Touma and Accelerator are very cool characters and they make up for the people I don't like.
Well I hear that in the untranslated parts of the manga Touma gets a bit more broken than usual, along with him not fighting alone as well. Although let's just say that things are picking up for this series in the anime side. I just wish that the manga wasn't so slow for them to scanalate though. It makes me wonder why they are taking thier time with it.
Manga is actually caught up pretty much, in terms of what is released by the mangaka. Now what is really behind is the light novels which have huge gaping holes that have not been translated.

Next LN to be released in about 18 days. It will be setting up the next major story arc, and will be named New Testament. On the same day, a new artwork volume will be released. We also have an upcoming side story prequel starring Misaka Mikoto and Lesser (she does not show up until at least Season 3 .

I'll post more as information as it becomes available. This news is relatively old, by the way. Can not wait until the next couple of episodes air, we're in for a treat.
Did Accelerator really kill all those ppl? Seems kinda extreme, since they are just doing their jobs ordered by the higher-ups. I'm wondering if they aren't human, since he said something along the lines of "you won't die from this."

I know that Vento of the Front was also killing lots of people, but I am talking about the ones that were around Accelerator. And why did that one guard say "it's a joke" ? wtf?! I am just confused, there seems to be a lot going on behind the scenes.

I'm curious how Kuroko and Misaka are going to come into play, since they had a few scenes in the last episode, I guess they will be in the next one.
I think seeing her comrades die so easily probably made her go into a total nervious breakdown once she ran into Accelerator. Although can you blame him for rampaging like that because they kind of decied to try and kill him first. So with that twisted since he decied to kill the entire section because of what they were trying to do to him and Last Order.

Well for Misaka to come into play might be because she ends up notcing Touma with Last Order. As for Kuroko the stress of thinking what Touma and Misaka were doing together probably gave her reason enough to try and go into the field. Although she was half right about him touching Misaka even though she's really the server for the entire Misaka Network.
Sure they want to kill Accelerator, but still he couldve killed the soldiers in a normal way without beein unnecessary cruel. After all, just like julezia already said they were just doing there job. But we already know hes not right in his head (just like most people in academy city or the To Aru world as it seems) so its not that much of a surprise.

And Misaka joining is easy. I mean whole district is getting turned upside down so it would be ridiculous if she doesnt notice it, especially with Kuroko in Judgement.
Well with episode 21 it seems that everyone is pretty much falling into place to where Touma will probablly have a team going for him by the end of this story arc. Although from the looks of things at least birbiri is trying to main a leveled head in this fight now, not only that but the Misaka Network trying to keep things in check as well.

The best part so far would be how Touma and Accelerator are kind of trying to help each other out, but I kind of wonder what thier reaction will be once they finally meet face-to-face once more.
It's a bit funny that Touma and Accelerator don't recognize each-other's voices on the phone. Accelerator's voice is especially unique, but I suppose it just adds more suspense this way, how will they react when they finally realize who the person was on the other end.
I like these arcs better where there are more people fighting together, and it isn't just Touma saving the day by himself. Also I thought that they had forgotten about Hyouka after she disappeared...? Maybe I'm not remembering correctly what happened in season 1.
Nevertheless, I never get tired of seeing Misaka use her powers, it's just so awesome
I've been really enjoying the more recent episodes now that the Catholic church is going all out to the extent of giving up on subtelty (it's not their strong point to begin with lol).
Looks like it's gonna be all out war soon between Academy City and the Catholic church

Explosions will happen, confusion will reign and Touma WILL get bitten I predict
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