The Growth and Usage of Facebook


It has been quite some time since I have been here but a topic came to my attention that just made my head spin. After some time of thinking about it, I just had to share it with some internet friends.

I have read online that court summons can be sent through Facebook in Australia and are legally binding. If a social network has become this big and this.... useful, does anyone worry that it can become too big and possibly less of a social network and more of a quiet way for companies and governments to peak into your private life in ways we never would allow if aware?


Facebook is the new hunting grounds for sexually or criminally deviant persons. I was in training for a new job, which happens to be a work at home job and I am enjoying a lot, and it was during the Hurricane that hit New York, this past year. I bring up the local news channel on Mozilla and right under hurricane news links is a link to a case in Florida where individuals were using Facebook to target people that they would commit crimes against. The pedophiles have moved from the schools to Facebook as a means of contacting children whom they will attempt to molest. Personally, I stay as far from Facebook as possible.


~ Azur Lane Hunter ~
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While FaceBook was pretty much a place to talk with people that you knew from online somewhere else, family, or even other gamers that played the same game you did. Pretty much it was a relaxing hangout until they kept on implementing things to where it felt like a big hassle to even be online anymore.

Heck they pretty much got rid of having 100x100 avys posted for some stupid reason, but if you ask me most games and everywhere else you kind of have your avy at either 100x100 or 50x50 in which that made little sense.

Top it all off as to how it got harder to post up picutres then it was beofre kind of made it where I was even more put off as to how it worked. To make some games hard to play in a certain browser and whathave you even made it worse. I mean some games worked fine until there was a sudden update for FaceBook to the point of where it was hard to play some of the games anymore.

So pretty much I resigned from it alltogether becuase of how overbearing and how clunky it has gotten as of late.
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