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Now that we have a nice new forum system, we have an opportunity to use many new addons, one of these is XenPorta 2.

It is an article system, basically it allows a forum thread to be displayed like an article on the front page, it is formatted a bit like a news article or a feature, and the replies to the initial thread appear below it like 'comments' on an article, yet they are still full forum threads.

The best way to understand this is the video the author made on it and to see the demo of it running on their site.

Link to add-on thread.

My thoughts:
Using this system, we could promote the threads in the Animes section to be articles, that way when a new anime thread is made, with all that info and pictures etc, it becomes a nice article on the front page and also attracts people into the forum.

We could of course also have other articles, the necromendations could also become a full article. Others could make recommendations or other articles etc.

Please give your thoughts on this idea below.