The annoying little things you hate most


OK, since the last thread with this same title disappeared, I made a new one

Still the same though.

Share the annoying little things you hate most. Be original. And try to not backstab ppl from around your environment with this too much

I dont really remember my list anymore, so it might be possible it is different from what it was before:

1 Smelly ppl sitting next to me in a bus/train.
2 Teachers sticking their fingers in their mouth before they stick it onto the paper they are handing out. *bleh*
3 Torrents downloading in a very slow way.
4 When you wanna watch TV and there's nothing on... Being bored till midnight =_=
5 Annoying waiting for the darn trafficlights to turn green "turn green already!!!"
6 Ppl screaming through their cellphones *noisy*
7 The ugly yellow doors at my school o_O

Well that was my little list... all that came up to me for now.
Ok, your turn now


Little things that I hate the most [Reloaded]

1. People who give up easily, never trying to do things again
2. Computer viruses and spyware
3. Careless drivers
4. Power cut when am in the middle of something really important.

Thats all for now.


- Lord of Chaos
1. When the internet goes down T_T
2. When people try to insult you and don't even know what the words they say mean (this can also be funny sometimes though =P )
3. My brother >.>
4. When bittorrent errors on a tracker...
5. When you can't figure out how to install a program you want really badly


WTF, I thought I posted in here once.
But then the forums were down, and the backup were restored... o_0

1. I hate when Fansub is down.
2. I hate smelly people.
3. Censored by Demogog.
4. I hate when my bicycle is punctured and I have to go to school.
5. I hate bitchy girls. And guys.
6. I hate when my internet is down (happened only once in three month)
7. I hate to do something I don't want to do.
8. I hate when the new linux kernel sources are released. It means I have to compile a kernel and reboot. (that's the rule. Always use the latest stable kernel)
9. I hate when my hardware is dying on me (like my harddrive with mp3's (legal ones))


Try to stick to the little annoying things you hate most.
Remember that this isn't a thread to release all your frustrations on
(even though it may look very tempting for it >.> )

So, if I look at the lists for now, I can say that computers can be very troublesome, and very annoying ;P


I want to say sorry to the people, who might be offended by number 3 in my post.



New Member
There is only one thing on my list that I ABHORRRRRR the most.

1. People who are unreliable.

-It's the foundation and root of people who are unreliable at times when you need their assistance that irritates me. It is the people who are late when they need to be early, the people that need things done but are not there, the people who work but are lazy. It is the person who is not trustworthy, a person who doesn't care.

That is what I despise and dislike the most, a person that is unreliable of their nature, their word of oath, and their moral fortitude.

I've come across too many in my time, and I'm sure you have yourselves, unless you too are unreliable. Then all I can say is that you should change your ways and look for better ways of improving yourself.


1. Missing my favourite TV show
2. People who are arrogant and think the world of themselves
3. Getting stuck in traffic jams
4. Waking up early to go to work

To be continued.......


My little list:
1. when you make popcorn and all the kernals dont pop.
2. People who yell at you then forget why.
3. when you try to talk to someone but they dont notice and embarrasses you.
4. when time flies when your having fun.
5. when you make hot pockets but isnt fully heated up.
6. when my computer crashes and i dont know why.
7. when i have to tie my shoelaces and stop in the middle of something.
8. when you have to go to the bathroom in a restaraunt and its been busy for over 5 minutes.


1. racist people who judge based on bad experiences with hated race.
2. fansub forums being down lol
3. viruses, spyware, and keyloggers (do you really have no life that you have to bother someone else?)
4. my bittorrent client randomly crashing
5. downloads failing due to connection failure
6. liars and those who won't listen to reason at all.


Hmmmmm... well, this could get long, but I'll try and keep it short.

1. People who pronounce sake (sah-kay) as saki (sah-key)
2. Actually anyone who speaks really gaijin-ish japanese
3. When my media player won't work for some unspecified reason and keeps crashing
4. When my dad doesn't use a cup to drink from
5. Cleaning the bathroom
6. When my cds skip
7. Cliche drama
8. Growing up
9. Being ignored all day by a best friend
10. When good bands go crappy

That's short, right? .....................


Hmmmm The thing that annoy me most is
- ME

Sometimes I know what I have to do but I don't do them. I wait till the last moment before the work should be done. I don't listen to my parents, I don't study well, I do not take care of myself, I don't love anyone, I lie , I get angry with my little brother and sisters. So the Biggest thing I hate most is me.


1. When people mispell a word.
2. When people assume you are the person that you are
3. When Americans assume that all Chinese know Kung Fu and taunt them anyways waiting for a punch in the face and a kick in the NADS.
4. People who hate everything
5. Picky people
6. Perverts
7. Show-offs
8. People who judge a person by looks and likes nothing else but their looks
9. High Authority, they think they have all the power that they can do anything
10. Terrorists
11. Bugs
12. Forgetting something that you just thought about.
13. When your zipper is down or when the wind blows your skirt up
14. Curse Words used everytime in a sentence
15. Advertisements in TV, mail
16. Pop-ups
17. Wasting time doing something that you should have never done
18. Drugs/alcohol - It Kills People yet people still do it anyways. Stupidity! You are not GOD!


QUOTE (fayewong @ Jun 7 2006, 10:01 PM) 18. Drugs/alcohol - It Kills People yet people still do it anyways. Stupidity! You are not GOD!
Sometimes you just need to forget things. Don't judge others for their situation, we all have our reasons.


1. Ignorant people
2. Sugarsweet people
3. "Noble" people
4. hypocrisy
5. Cheaters
6. Homework
7. Late bus
8. Slow downloads
9. No butter left in the fridge
10. Naive people


1. People who believe they are always right
2. Animes downloading at extremely slow speed
3. People who are not cooperative when you need some information
4. Long queues when you have to buy a ticket for the movies


QUOTE (solarwing @ Jun 7 2006, 09:42 PM) 4. Long queues when you have to buy a ticket for the movies
Go Fandango! Solves your problem from waiting in line.


QUOTE (solarwing @ Jun 7 2006, 11:42 PM) Animes downloading at extremely slow speed

ah! i also hate that too!!

and i also hate when the download is almost finish, suddenly the internet turned off...

1) When torrents run out of seeds (worse if you are just a few percent from finishing it!!)
2) When windows crashes...

3) Losing all your work due to a system crash or a bug
including blue or green screen of death
4) People who get anime and hentai mixed up
5) My school network (extreamly slow)
6) Our school network security.... when ever using it it feels like being under a microscope!!! (apperantly everything we do is recorded then filitered for stuff we shouldnt be doing)
7) People who annoy you for no specific reason other than to make ur life worse than it already is


Now let me think!!! @_@" What are the things that annoys me the most?!

- Waking up 15 minutes before the alarm starts. (Waking up early anyway!!)
- When someone turns on the lights while I’m still asleep T_T
- When people spit on the street. YUCK! @_@"
- CRAZY TAXI DRIVERS! They SUCK in driving!! >.<"
- Drinking hot chocolate when I have a cold! >.<" I can’t feel its taste! It makes me sad!!!
- When my cell-phone credits are over and I must make an urgent call or send a message.
- Downloading a certain movie and it turns out to be another weird movie.
- When you have a webcam chat and your picture freezes when you look stupid.
- When I use a black eye-liner and then I rub my eyes and a black circle occurs.

To be continued …
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