The 8 years old Saizen Fansubs wants YOU!

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We’re currently looking for EVERY POSITION KNOWN TO MAN to work across all of Saizen’s ongoing (and future) projects. The main position we’re looking to fill is QUALITY CHECKING as we seem to be a bit low on the ground for them. TRANSLATORS are also very welcome! So if you think you have the cajones for such a task, drop us a line at or gatecrash #saizen or #saizen^recruits on the Rizon network on IRC.

P.S. If any TRANSLATORS are passing, I want to do Sasuke and help out Huzzah with their Hyouge Mono releases, so get in touch if you’re interested. Other potential projects (non-simulcast/licensed) will be considered on a project-by-project basis and ALL POSITIONS WILL BE TESTED.
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