when i'm viewing my profile.. i discovered something... it would be my first-year anniversary for registering at this site (31th of August)... meaning - its quite actually one year since i've download anime from this site... bahh.. XDD. but actually i'm only very-a-beginner at this forum huhu..

so im using this opportunity to say -THANX- to all FTV for providing me tons of anime, and also those individual (FTV team leader/members, sempais, kohais and etc.) for providing information, advise, guidance, help, criticize, comment and anything... i glad to found this site and decided to involve in the forum (this is the first forum i've ever joined). << -I THANK YOU- >> <3

anyway: im off again for awhile. until next time.
= XD


thanks to the mods for keeping this place clean and friendly even though it costs you alot of your time/energy and fustration!
thanks for making this site such a friendly place where people can meet and make new friends! and just one more time... THANKS FOR EVERYTHING!!!


New Member
I'm new to the forums, so I can't exactly say thank you to anyone in particular as I don't really know anyone
, but I have been a "long time" user to FTV so...

To everyone that has helped make this site what it is today:

Thank You!

P.S. A special thanks to all Ecchi posters as well.


honestly, just discovered this thread now....but you guys are awesome! over the course of a year that i've been here, i've become utterly addicted to this place cuz it gives out so much great stuff to watch, and the forums all give such great discussions and recommendations.....and i've made this place my homepage ha that if there are any updates i can down load right away...

anyway, thats besides the guys are awesome! keep at it with the awesomness! thanks!


I'm enjoying my time here, you guys here are doing a great job.


um i would just like to say thanks to all the ppl who stood up whit my constent qeustions and bad spelling lol and to u lot the ftv team thanks for keeping this place clean and fun i may not know all the stuff most ppl know about posting but i am learning fast


-Snuggle Bunny
Im going to say thanks for everything, beofre i came here i was repeatedly laughed at for my interest (as small one at first) in Anime and Manga, now ive been doing it for just over a year now and im proud for being at this site,

Ive been able to make a great bunch of friends, who share my interests or al least who listen with out ridicule, ive been able to develop my Harem into greaty sucess which im the Lord and Master of, and ive been part of an ever growing and improving community. And ive alos been able to write poetry in the company of friends and i think its improved greatly which if keeps up im gonna make a mini-book then send it too my former English teacher since she said i would fail English! Ha Ha the power, i can taste and feel it *Evil Laugh*.......*regains composure*

Please im thankful for a place where i can discuss the anime/manga/drama that we already and watch, even though i dont actauly download from here (Im a sinner i know but for some reason i could get them to download)


Thank u so much FTV!!!
Missed those licensed anime though...
Anyway, just don't stop clannad and hayate!!


Just want to say thanks to all of you who bears with my cluelessness and laziness to first look thrugh all the threads first and just post sumthin if I feel like it...

and also thanks to this great site that offer supply to all great animes and offer a very peaceful environment...


I also would like to thank the whole Fansub team, you do a great job which I know must be frustrating and one I'd never have the patience for.



Thanks for the mods to keep the forum clean and also other FTV users making me entertain to read your posts... haha


Your site is very good! I like it!!. It is very helpful site.
Thank you much for your work. Cheers!
Sorry for offtopic.


it was really hard to find good anime out there. it was like a lonesome journey to the land of the unknown. then i stumbled upon this site as is by fate, answering all my prayers for a pleasant anime experience
. i appreciate all the mods for keeping site running up and trouble-free. this is the best site in the world! (for an anime junkie like me, i mean it
). i enjoy the interactions in the forum the most. it's not often ppl interact this often in one site. the ones i visited anyway. i know this sounds sad, but this site is like a fren i never had. (not that i'm a nerd or anything, just that that's how great this site is
Somehow... I ended up here.

Anyways, first time posting, not the slightest if it'll work. But I'll say stuff anyways.

-bows down- , thank you. You deserve props. Many props. So many props, in fact, that you're all like, "Dude, where're we gonna put all these things?" then I say, "... I dunno, you figure it out."

ranting, ranting, some more ranting.

and props, a cabooodle-load of props.

I don't even know what a 'prop' is, unless its like, those things you use for plays... then I do know what it is.

but you deserve alot.

Even though you couldnt hear it, I just physically said, "Thank you."

I got a strange look from other people in the room, but I said it anyways.


That's mah face! Meh!

So again. Thanks to you, this is my haven for anime and other anime related things that I forget the names of at this moment.

... yeah.



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Greetings from Norway

Had I not gotten hooked on anime on, I would not have seen Hikaru No Go
Had I not seen Hikaru No Go, I had not become a Go-player
I met my wife through Go.

We have sooo many enjoyable evenings still, thanks to you guys :)

Thank you for that :)

Best wishes.



Ever since I became engrossed in the arts of anime and japanese animation, I've been floating around this site. Never occured to me to whom I owed my many, many nights of wonder and fun. So...

To the staff who helps me support my physically safe, yet addicting to a "T" anti-drug campaign, I thank you all! Let's go through this one more year because even when I become a teacher, I think that my anime watching ways will never be forgotten.


-the bee's knees
Staff member
Fansub TV Team
Thanks to daft and the crew for making everything possible!
Now here's a small poem describing the site's colourful history!

FansubTV a wondrous site
was created on a winter's night
a ingenious solution
to a download problem

the second year
saw incredible expansion
with fine new names
spirits were high

it was not all
fun and games
for was the site was to face
its first great bane

spamming was rampant
out of control
it could no longer be classed
as a great big joke

things got worse
came to a head
when the site went under
after a terrible attack

twice it went down
files were lost
it was a terrible misfortune
there was no turning back

but hope was restored
with a certain
all was forgotten

as bonds were formed
rivals were made
but all in all
it was a great success

as time flies
members will go
who will replace them
nobody knows

but with innovation
and fine spirits
the future of Fansub
is almost certain!
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