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Kk this will prolly get deleted because its not info about Downloading however i fig. i would start a thread to say


To everyone "Especially Bold-Kenji-Sama" for the threads to help us put down load everything on turrents and helping us with Fansub .tv

I say especially Bold-Kenji because his thread on Turrents FAQ helped me out termendously with downloads....

so thanks guys!


-kenja sama
Considering people usally complain more then they say thanks, this will be pinned

Feel free to express you thanks and share with others how much you appreciate FTV and the people here.

I moved this to miscellaneous, since it does not really belong in the File distribution.

My thanks go to Daft who day after day, month after month, spends both time and money to maintain this site and make all anime lovers all over the world happy.



Aren't you gonna write another poem Bold? ^.^

Anyways, Lots of thanks to the people who tried to help out FTV with all the Bills and Stuff To their best and Helping maintain the site.

And special thanks to the people who tried to do some stuffs even when they know they don't have the power too. Also thanks to SmileLolz, best friend we know so far. We missed ya buddy. Thanks for coming back!

Final Thanks to Angel, Thanks for pushing us while we push you back.


-kenja sama
QUOTE (hamasusuke @ Apr 3 2006, 11:39 PM)Aren't you gonna write another poem Bold? ^.^ Hmmm, lets see.

Let the datagram flow
Let the socket connect
Let the server answer our request
Let us have anime

May people post
May we have fun
May the forum buzz with activity

The coming suprise will make a difference,
Help this comunity grow,
May the socket start punching,
May the packet flow throught the firewalls
Let anime be downloaded

Let all see the large quantity
required to make this work
Let them all say thanks to the magician
The one who makes this possible,
By countless investment : Daft

Hmm, maybe a little too computer oriented

But as I said before, I am mainly good at writing sad poems and love ones. As for the first one, I feel good these days. As for the second, well in this case, I assume daft is happy I don't have the second feeling for him


-kenja sama
QUOTE (smilelolz @ Apr 4 2006, 08:27 AM) u forgot to write Amen at the end.

its not a prayer, it is a poem!


thanks to MKK for all the pics he gives to everyone
thanks to Connor for his unlimited supply of ecchi pics
thanks to Bold for all the advice and help in almost all the threads
thanks to DoR for the strict but useful moderating
thanks to smilelolz that i met a happy dude
thanks to blckdemondrgn for the infos when others are gone
thanks to ultima2096 for the being a good moderating guy
thanks to ultima for the talks
thanks to tanthalis for the advices when i was new
thanks to hamasusuke for thanks... (i don't know what your talking about...
could you explain please...
thanks to daedroth for all the debates
thanks to noob for making me a noob

thanks to scar_ishbalan for the chats
thanks to ShadowxAnbu for the help when chatting with angel
thanks to wwwwww for the DOTA info's and posts
thanks to wceend for spamming with me
thanks to mune for the scary welcome

thanks to tomo for the scary welcome

thanks to Satesphiar for having the same problems and trying to fix it...

also thanks to everyone who helped me when i was in need in anyway...
also to every memeber i got to inter act.

finally thanks to Daft for the great site he put up and that it would last for a very long time...

also lastly thanks to anyone who will put this thread to the generals since it is something that shows our affection to each others...
this is not just something that doesn't ok?




firstly: Thanks to all of you!!!'re the first person to thank me for talking to someone


Yes! This is a great idea!

Thanks to those that are hosting the site, thanks to the donators that help pay for the site, thanks to the subbing groups that give us the anime we watch everyday((Or somethings like that)), and thanks to the members that support this site in all it's glory!!!

Thank you to those that help keep everything working and those that watch for bad things to fix as well. Without you, this site would stop in its tracks. But everyone here is an important part! Here's a Yatta to you all.



@ultima: LOL!!!
tryin to just thank everyone i know... and interacted for sometime...

thanks to yohen for all the suzuka info...

man don't youguys really have any intention to put it to the general section?
i'm not pushing it but can you give me a good reason if it is not acceptable in the general section please...


-kenja sama
QUOTE (Angel453455 @ Apr 5 2006, 04:18 AM)man don't you guys really have any intention to put it to the general section?
i'm not pushing it but can you give me a good reason if it is not acceptable in the general section please...

- Because people that are not active on the forum only check out the troubleshooting section.

- Because it sticks out here as the only pinned thread in this section.

- Because it was meant as a thread to say thanks to people actively suporting FTV's site. Not as a discussion as in the general section.


just want to say
thanks everyone.....
for everyone who give me some advice, chitchat with me and critizen me...


ok bold...
its really fine for it to be in this section..
i really hope it does give a lotta views and replies...

Double FLZ


Well.. before I know about this site.. I'm only watching Naruto & One Piece, after I go through this site.. ouuu.. there are so many anime.. OMG I can't finish watch all of it.. entire of my life. Even though I'm not downloading from this site (my DD connection S**K), but I can get a lot of info from the screenshot and forums before I download any anime I interested.

First of all.. I would like to thanks the owner of this site and the webmaster for making this site exist.. and I believed it is really hard & need a lot of effort to maintain this site/server. GAMBATTE!!

Secondly, I would like to thanks all moderator that working so hard to make sure all user following the rules in the forums.. and very helpful in solving user problem.. even though I think it cost so much trouble/headache to handle all user from around the world.

Lastly, I would like to thanks all members that provide useful info (especially funny & ecchi picture
) and making the forums lively (sometimes its really fun.. reading the forums)

And not to forget.. thanks a lot to my buddy (Lan - because of you.. I'm really cursed now.. huhuhuuu.. can't stop watching anime)

Sorry for the long post to express my gratitude.. In short ARIGATO GOZAIMAS


Have to say thanks to everyone who runs the website and all the forum members. It is pretty funny to read the forums sometimes, even if I don't get to post that often. Thanks for the great website that has provided me hours of entertainment

Thanks everyone.