Tantei Opera Milky Holmes

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Premier: October 7, 2010
Episodes: 12
Animation Studio: J.C. Staff

Couldn't find a topic for this so here it is.

Based off the Japanese PSP game of the same name, Tantei Opera Milky Holmes follow 4 students at Holmes Detective Academy: Sherlock, Cordelia, Herc, and Nero. Together they are known as the famous Milky Holmes and are out to stop the Phantom Thief Arsene. However, on one night, they suddenly lose their magical powers, known as "Toys."

So I must say, that after hearing the (troll) hype from 2ch as well as many others, this show is actually quite a surprise. Not a gem but definitely entertaining moreso than anticipated. The show initially seems like a cutesy little show with spoiled protagonists. This really occurs for about the first half of the series.
However, if you're able to get around all of that, it becomes a straight up slapstick comedy as the four girls try to get their toys back. Of course, 95% of the time they are easily distracted or simply plain psychotic (lol Cordelia). In addition, Arsene's group also brings laughs to the table, especially coming from Twenty.

The animation is quite solid, and it seems J.C. Staff really put a lot more time into this show than I gave them credit for. I guess even when it's a random show J.C. Staff can still show off their stuff, though Uraboku was a completely different story last season. The character designs are very nice seeing as it's the same person who drew the art for the Da Capo manga series.

The music is catchy for this show and faylan doing the ED theme is definitely a plus. With the exception of Cordelia's seiyuu, the main seiyuus are all new to the industry, which is always a big welcome. I enjoyed most of them except Nero's, which may end up bothering me in the future as she will be voicing Sakura in Time Paladin Sakura set to air in January (WHY IS YUKARI TAMURA BEING REPLACED?). The rest of the soundtrack in the show is not particularly special however.

Character development? You expected some? As stated before this was a straight up gag comedy that didn't show its true colors until the latter half in the series when Henriette took things to a new level in an attempt to help Milky Holmes regain their lost toys.

Enjoyment? I can't really say I enjoyed it since I could name a number of other shows I've enjoyed more this season, but I will say it's definitely better than say Super Robot Wars OG: The Inspector and perhaps Fortune Arterial, which I have yet to start but have heard terrible things about.

Overall, Tantei Opera Milky Holmes is unique in its own right. It's funny and cute and leaves room for a sequel, which knowing J.C. Staff, may very well happen. The director is Makoto Moriwaki, who is also directing the ongoing Hime-chen! series and has previously directed the entire Onegai My Melody franchise. Surprisingly Moriwaki has also provided the storyboard to Gintama as well as many old soccer anime including Captain Tsubasa and Fight! Kickers. Again, however, the problem with this series is its incredibly slow start. Almost half the series needs to be watched before any "significant progress" is made in the show.

Preliminary Score: 5/10
Final Score: 6/10


At first I didnt know if I should watch it but I gave it a try and watched it to the end.
The mainpoint that got me watching it completely were the characters. Sure everyone except Arsene is plain stupid but still they were a lot of fun. And Arsene and Cordelia are just damn hot.
And ep 10,11 & the first half of 12 were just totally great. Too bad the whole series wasnt like that. And that the ending sucked.

Overall it gets a 7/10 from me.

@Kit: Better than Super Robot Wars? OMG you gotta be kidding oO Super Robot Wars is one of the best shows. Im watching it as soon as its out and thats meaning a lot.


QUOTE (Killer_Ossi @ Dec 27 2010, 03:27 PM) @Kit: Better than Super Robot Wars? OMG you gotta be kidding oO Super Robot Wars is one of the best shows. Im watching it as soon as its out and thats meaning a lot.
I think the issue is that I've never played the games or seen the prequel. They originally advertised the series as "not requiring any prior knowledge", but of course that's not what I've been seeing/hearing.

Super Robot Wars is near the bottom of my list this season even though I'm caught up on it. My main problem with it is it tries to tell too many stories at once without any firm introduction. It's not like Baccano or Durarara!! where it does have such introduction or smoother transitions.


Ok you dont really need to know the games (I dont know them either), but you defenitely need to know the first season or else you dont get anything.Especially the characters. And even if you know them its hard to remember everyone since the cast is so damn huge. But because of that we get a lot of beautiful women, so no problem

I think trying to tell many stories at once makes it more realistic since its pretty unrealistic that the war is really only going between two parts without anyone trying to take advantage of it. And I dont have a problem following what happens.

Thinking about that I still havent seen the 3-ep OVA. I have to do that some day.

To get back to topic, Milky Holmes sure is not a great anime but better than Iron Man, The World God only knows, MM! & Togainu no Chi of the same season.


-萌え大将軍 (moé daishogun)
I just thought I have to post this lol


I'm actually watching this show too. While it's not the greatest of anime, it does provide the enjoyment of the girls suffer because of being the baka that they are

By the way, I met the 4 (novice) female seiyuu for the girls during the Hyper Japan London 2010 event at the beginning of October (before the date of the show start airing)...got to see the girls singing and dancing on stage, and got some free Milky Holmes souvenir goods as well

As for the Super Robot Wars OG anime this season, according to my cousin who has played through the two games...the plot won't make much sense to people who have not background knowledege of the plot from the game...and the anime itself is pretty much filling in the port-holes in games, so the anime's target audience is pretty much toward fans, not someone who's new to this. Lots of things that happens in the anime ain't being explained, because it is with the assumption that you would already have the background knowledge for it...kinda like watching OVA anime. Episode 13 did give some explaination on what's going on, so it would probably make more sense to people that haven't played the games.


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Haven't watched this show yet... but Im eager to do so after I set up my comp.
As it fairly does look entertaining

Other than that a japanese MMA fighter Jienotsu (known for his cosplays) did an Milky Holmes cosplay as his intro LOL just LOL Here

@Marine-san, XD Poor Sherlock he never saw what hit him
and what you met the seiyuus? How lucky of you!!


Yes, Marines pics are just great. And the faces suits the subtitles so well its as if it was made for that ^^

So even the japanese martial artists are like that huh? Interesting ^^