Summer Season 2019 Line-Up & predictions

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Kono Yo no Hate de Koit wo Utau Shoujo YU-NO.... of course.. seen this plotline before... of course..... though the tv show 'Fringe' has probably done it better.
Carole and Tuesday.... a Mars style music group in the making... interesting they use Mars... I wonder if it will look/feel like Aria or not... probably not? I'm guessing the usual J/K-pop songs?

MIx anime is starting... one of the very few mangas I keep up on..... just because I liked Cross Game and Adachi's stuff.... I didn't think the manga was ready for finishing.... which is what they did with Cross Game.... but the online stuff is always behind, so who knows how many chapters aren't online yet.... seems they are only juniors though? So .... in the past, they ended the anime with the last chapter of the manga.... so a year? would give Adachi time to finish, but it's a monthly I think... not sure.... it's kind of weird to see the same characters again in anime, doing pretty much the same thing. ..but that's his thing... which is weird and kinda cool at the same time....

I notice all the little kid anime is on the bottom.
gdpetti said:
I notice all the little kid anime is on the bottom.
that's usual in anime lineups, those start (or continue if S2) late in the season:

- could be good telling by studios: 3. Dr. Stone (i'll decide after final reviews) :/
- not expecting much: 4. Saint Seiya knights of the zodiac (bad revs for 6 eps):(
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