Stardust Fansubs Recruiting Translators + Others

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Stardust Fansubs specializes in subbing anime that has never been subbed. We have been in operation for about 6 months now and we are recruiting translators, translation checkers, and distro. You MUST be fluent in English and you may be able to translate from the following languages: Spain's Spanish, Korean, Chinese, or Japanese. (probably other languages, email me or poke me on IRC and I will find a series you can do if you want to help translate but you know a different language or if you know one great!) It would be nice if we had a TLC that is fluent in Japanese.
Timers: we time before episodes are translated test will be given
Distro: we need help seeding torrents
Translation checkers: Can ONLY be fluent in Japanese test will be given
Translators: will be asked to translate one of the episodes of the show they want to translate for a test

We need translators for the following active projects:
Metal Fight Beyblade: we have a TL but he is very busy at the moment so if you like Beyblade give us a hollar. Also it would be nice to have a TLC for thisas well
Wagamama Fairy Mirumo De Pon!: Japanese or Chinese
Beyblade Shoot: Japanese
Mahou no Sweet Angel Mint: Korean; no listening involved the script is in a .txt file in Korean. All you need to do is translate Korean into English.
Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne: Japanese TLC

I would like to get these projects started:

Bakugan Battle Brawlers: Japanese
Bakuten Shoot Beyblade: Japanese
Wagamama Fairy Mirumo De Pon!:(Mandarin) Chinese or Japanese
Battle Spirits Brave(prior seasons too): Japanese
Mushrambo: Japanese
Rokumon Tengai Mon Colle Knights: Japanese
Medabot: Japanese

Other possible projects are on this page:
If anyone is interested or has questions please email us at or P.M. Hoshikuzu on IRC (
If anyone also has any anime they want subbed post it here:
For more information checkout the Stardust website:
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