Stand up!

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About four virgin boys desperately trying to get rid of their virginity as it seems like everyone around them has done "it" already and are constantly confronted with people around them doing "it" as well. Harsh challenges and lost crushes are giving these guys a hard time but they are willing to keep their virginity until they find the one they want to lose it to in a pure way.
Causing the most hilarious situations and unexpected humor in general. Japanese prudishness and desperate youngsters with strict parents do not get along well XD
Entering a childhood friend as well to spice up their summer holidays a little.

highly recommended!


"Doutei-boys." *pffft*

I watched this series a second time through about a month ago and enjoyed it all over again. I sort of ignored it for a long time because I'd read somewhere that it was like "a Japanese version of 'American Pie'", which really did not interest me one bit. But JCD, I believe it was, recommended it to me and I gave it a shot-- and I was really happy I did. It's not raunchy as I was expecting, and any fanservice-y moments (both male- and female-oriented) are more humorous than lascivious. Even the few (extremely brief) moments of nudity (male & female backsides, and bare breasts) were funny, not sexy. It's actually very sweet in its message, once you get into the story. And I really found it humorous how, really, the "concerned adults" were actually more sex-obsessed (and often less mature about it) than the teens they charged themselves with "protecting."

I also have to say, I was really impressed by Ninomiya Kazunari's performance as Shou-kun in this. In the beginning of the series, I kept thinking he looked so much younger than the other guys. To me, he seemed more like a regular boy dropped into a group of idols, probably because I'd seen his 3 costars in other dramas already (yes, I now know he's a member of ARASHI, but I didn't at the time). But-- as the series progressed, I had moments where I thought, "Ahh, I can see him as a young man now..." It was strange, like I was seeing him visibly mature throughout the course of the drama, as his character matured emotionally. His performance in this has piqued my interest in his new (currently airing) drama Ryusei no Kizuna (which has the same screenwriter as IWGP, Kisarazu Cat's Eye, and Tiger & Dragon, 3 dramas I loved); and maybe I'll even give Yamada Taro Monogatari another chance one of these days.

P.S. And to top it all off, he's actually a really good singer, if you can hunt down his solo performances. IMHO, he might be the best singer in ARASHI.


- Sky King
Hehehehe Poonk, it was I who recommended to taint your soul with the cheekiness of Stand Up! Absolutely loved this series, the OP was great and damn Tomohisa Yamashita was in it (I'm a fan......Kurosagi, IWGP, Nobuta.....this guy has worked in some really damn good doramas and so has Kazunari Ninomiya.
). The only bad point of this series is Anne Suzuki.......I just god-damn hate this girl.....she's ANNOYING...she's more annoying than S.H.E., when they are together!!!!


Haha Chie chan xd
If I were one of the girls I would've run far far far away from her XD damn I wish I could be as annoying as her to piss off anyone XD
But they were all very fun characters especially that one guy that keeps getting girls after girls. (the pretty one, not the one from the beginning