Spring Season 2019 Line-Up & predictions

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gdpetti said:
Dororo sounds interesting... maybe.
After reading reviews I'll reconsider to binge all eps when it ends, meanwhile..

- hopefully better than prior seasons: 3. Zoku·Owarimonogatari (Tv edition?) :/
4. Shingeki no Kyojin Season 3: Part 2 (so Finally they'll find the basement):lol:
Dororo sounds interesting... maybe.
Shoumetsu Toshi.... another maybe... so many if the same plotline, and rarely are any of them any different... most are 'ok'.
Gunju no Magmel.... that's supposed to happen as well.... only in the Pacific... as that old area rises anew. They really should look into the esoteric field for better storylines, it would give it a good sense of realism as a basis for the story.
Hitoribocchi no Seikatsu... could be funny, 4koma style...
Mayonaka no Occult Koumin... now if instead of 'occult', they used the real world SG groups responsible for covering up the whole 'alien' issue of who controls the planet(and why), then it would be interesting.

Kono Oto Tomare!.. another one of those.... it could be interesting if they made it a fusion music thing like what you can see online... doing recent pop hits with a combination of the old and new instruments.
Hachigatsu no Cinderella Nine... hs girls baseball team.... has that been done before? Cross Game had a side story with their female MC but I don't watch sports stuff usually.. hmm.

Jimoto ga Japan... I wonder what this is... a comedy yes... but??
Senko-san is another thing I am looking forward too because of fluffy tail times with that series. I mean we need more kitsunes in anime like that.

There might be something else out there, but I'm just going to wait until I see something major happening, kind of like how Kaguya-sama was for me last season.
Kid-Wolf said:
There might be something else out there, but I'm just going to wait until I see something major happening
i did but from totally new Spring titles, only IQ got me to keep seeing it weekly

- could be good telling by studio: 5. Isekai Quartet (PuYukai is chibi master) xD
- not expecting much: 6. iM@S Cinderella Girls Gekijō Climax season (finale?):eek:
Just saw a Youtube AMV or whatever where they put some song over edited scenes of some anime.... they used the Queen song over this one.... One Punch Man.... So i'm checking it out... first ep I dl'd was messed up, but the last two are extremely funny... reminds me of Tiger and Bunny.... at least so far... just finished S1, ep3... very funny MC. Glad they have an eng dub of it.
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