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I'm looking for a spanish to english translator to help along the process for fansubbingdash kappei (chicho terremoto) into english. we have a fluent japanese/english translator but having a spanish -> english transatlor would help lighten the load with lines that are simliar or the same. the spanish dub was translated from the japanese dub so it is helpful
the fansubbing/translation is underway currently.

the contact is locoporchicho*

please contact if you're interested in translating or if yu're just interested in watching the anime. I have links for download for the spanish dub and japanese dub. people have also uploaded episodes on youtube like search chicho terremoto if you want to check it out that way.

We're of course open to japanese to English translators whether its for TL, TL check, or translation consultation for the more challenging lines


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Position(s): Japanese to English Translators, Spanish to English translators, editors, English speakers, qcers, timers (most ideal is a QCer/Timer)
Group: shindoi
Project(s): Dash Kappei episodes 1 to 65
E-Mail: locoporchicho *

year: 1981
genre: comedy, sports (basketball especially), some drama, ecchi (well it's nothing compared to the average or extreme anime nowadays lol. This anime aired on the 6 pm Sunday slot so it was watched by kids etc ). Most people mainly like this show for the comedy and the characters (main character is voiced by tanaka mayumi who also voices luffy in one piece. I personally think that all the voice actors fit the characters and did a great job including the dog) so even if you don't like sports anime it might be worth trying this anime out.

I know most people probably never heard of this anime. I don't expect full-oncommitment because of that and the length of the series. It's a long, people have lives, it's completely understandable (I just request that you inform me that you're too busy and you can't help out anymore if that happens). The most important thing is that you've probably never seen this show and I personally think it would take 3 eps or so to gauge if you like the show. However, it is up to the person how many episodes they want to "work on/check out" to decide if they want to continue working on it or not. The midori subs are abyssmal in quality and is not the best means of gauging if you like the show or not so contact if you think you'd be interested in this show. Also we have the Japanese TV raws and Spanish DVDs (the huge ass files) so it'll be better than the midori releases in every way.

spanish to english translators (for episodes 32 and up since we can rip the subs from the spanish dvd and sorta use the timing to our advantage. plus the spanish was translated from japanese so it is helpful... kinda serve as translation check, give ideas on how to translate/interpret/infer stuff. You're going to have spanish SUBTITLES to translate from so you don't have to relisten like crazy )

Japanese to english translators - I wish lol... this role is pretty self-explanatory not to mention very desired but very difficult and near impossible to find hence it's 2014 now and this show is crappily and incompletely subbed. we have one japanese to english translator right now so the project isn't dead or standstill otherwise i wouldn't be posting this. There are scripts that are waiting to be worked on.

Editor - The Japanese-english translator speaks real english so it's not ENGRISH but we still want editing so that it's free of grammatical, spelling errors and the lines have the best wording possible. If possible send me examples of your work and about your experience or qualifications.

Fine Timer/Qcer - native English speakers only please. So ideally I want a timer who will also do QC. All the scripts are already timed and watchable but they have to be fine-timed. Still apply if you only want to do fine-timing or only QC because I might get somebody who wants to do both.

Lastly, I am looking for English speakers to correct entries on the language learning site - you only have to know English and know it well enough to correct entries written by English language-learners. This helps with translation efforts
You can find out exactly how it helps with the fansubbing efforts upon contacting me. This is a great opportunity for anybody who wants to give back to the fansub community by helping this group with our translation efforts indirectly.
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