Sound Notification and Quick DL

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I run a search and didnt find those.
My bad if someone already suggested it.

Two quick ideas:
Sound notification after a download is finished for Chuukurai Downloader.

And something I would call "Quick Download" – A registered user ticks this option in his profile and then from a combo-box chooses preferred action: "Scheduler", "Manager", "Self-Service". All that to bypass file information page (one with episodes screenshots, torrent links etc.)

Oh, and "Back to the series" link on Chuukurai Downloader would be nice.


It'd be a great idea. The only thing that I'd be concerned about is that, what if a group of people wouldn't want to hear that noise? Should we give them the option to hear the sound or not?

I vote yes for putting it in.


Oh, wouldn't that be a nice small feature to have; I agree that having a small sound would be nice. Thing is what kind of sound, a beep a voice or some misc sound file. Also, Other then what I've said i have no problem, seeing as I found myself not knowing when a download is done anyway when using FTV's download managers.
I approve this statement


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Yeah for the Full Service and/or Scheduler sould have a sound saying the files are finished d/ling like how the Self Service is. I mean that's what happens when you do a direct download that isn't though Java of course, so why not use that kind of a setup of some sort if it's possible though.


Yeah i agree this is a great idea and i would love to have a little notification when the download is done. Or maybe even just a little box in the right hand corner like the one that comes up when a download in Firefox is done a msn notifications.