Shiritori until Nyaa is up? (locked)

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1 Only anime manga, LN, live action, webcomic or anisong names are accepted (no food animals objects or places unrelated to anime. Actors, studios and bands that make anisongs etc are also accepted).

Also, anime phrases are also accepted (and encouraged lol), such as Jotaro's "Dakara, ore ga sabaku!"

2 Use only romaji, exceptions are accepted such as Kill me Baby or Giorno Giovanna's "Di molto! Di molto! Yoshi!"

3 You can start with the last syllabe or the last letter in the phrase/name (lets not be restrictive and make this easy on ourselves for fun xD), you can also use the last word from a phrase if you want.

4 You can use phonetics not just the last letter or syllab, example, 4 and shii, or des deth.

Ill start...

Itsumo nico nico, anata no tonari ni, Haiyaru Konton, Nyarlathotep. Des! ☆
Heh, I was wondering if anyone else was going as crazy with NT being down.

Let's see, you ended off on Su...

Suki da yo!

Phrase and I believe there's a series named that, too.
QUOTE (Norren @ Sep 02 2014, 05:21 AM)Heh, I was wondering if anyone else was going as crazy with NT being down.
xD thanks to that im catching up with video games and series that were piling up, im a bit sad im having trouble keeping up with some series tou. But ill live.

"Yotsuba to!"

I was tempted to say yozakura quartet but tet or et sounds killer hard lol xD
Im going to put links if i quote mangas just for the sake of not confusing or isolating anyone who is only here for anime

I've actually been going crazy 'cause its been one of those weekends- Most everyone's offline either on three day weekend trips or connection problems or such. NT being down was sort of the icing on the cake.

Yea NT, TT and many other anime-related sites have been either down by an attack or for maintenance. MAL got attacked again. AniDB was down for a bit.

Thank God nibl was still up, I've been using that and it's IRC channel to keep up. TT is sorta of up now but it's kinda broken.

(phonetically identical, chrome shelled regios)

I dont really use TT but the lack of NT really makes TT feel missed lol.... wait a minute, just checked and TT is still on, did it get hit softer than NT? xD

Welp i guess theres not much helping it, either way "managing" is not impossible
Fon Spaak from Gundam 00F.

That was a pretty hard one by the way.
Akikan Yes this anime does exist by the way. Somewhat old too.

In any case at least there are alternative sites by the way. Also the MAL thing happens around this time every year it would seem. I mean it was like this over there last year, but a bit worse from what I was told.

True Last year was a bit worse, like say 2-3 weeks before full recovery.

They did say it would take 1/2 days this time, but, you can always expect longer.
Mikakunin de Shinkoukei

Makes me glad I've turned to streaming for most everything. I have to wait to download the backup versions I always get as I just like to have them available for whenever, but I'm never waiting on watching a show or looking for work arounds.
arrghhh Barbobot-san great-o! thats a good one, not because its hard but because there are so many options i can hardly decide xD

"Keishichou Tokuhanka 007"

Just started reading it. I was so tempted to use Keita suminoe, Sawahira, or Keima Katsuragi xD

so next is na.

Im glad ftv decided to circumvent nya instead of waiting btw, props for being hands on, i scrounged my options up a bit and managed to find alternatives to the eps i missed so far.
Oh, I got caught up regardless. At some point I need to spring for the CR account.

Natsuiro Kiseki
Kenkou Zenrakei Suieibu Umishou

Well in any case there are usually alternatives that can be used incase of things like this though. Although I feel like I didn't miss much. Although one site I now use as an alternate is more or less down still.

Edited due to being ninja posted apparently
Unbreakable Machine Doll.

I wonder what hit NT so bad that it's just down- did they exceed their bandwidth by so much that it's just benched till the end of the billing period or is it still ongoing?
doll... doru

Rurouni Kenshin

Best anime ever.

@Norren i heard somewhere (cant remember were) that they appeared to reach a huge bandwith per second that was ridiculous, and they decided to put the site down, it could all have been speculation or rumors tou, you know the "heard it from a friend of a friend", the guy i read that said that said the same thing "i heard from someone" so i wouldnt trust it, its hearsay, still at least to me its better than nothing. I think i read it on BBT.
Natsu no Arashi

Seems they were DDoSed along with horriblesubs and commie and tokyotosho. MAL had supposedly been affected by something as well at one point.
ill put an unexpected spin on this one

Shin Angyo Onshi

Epic manhwa

@barbobot yeah, aside from NT, commie and horrible have definitely been down for a while, its almost funny how it seems like a pun on the good the bad and the ugly
Revolver (ボルバー Riborubaa), manga based on Rail Wars!...

are you guys watching it lately? I expect its privatization arc to start tomorrow, it'll be quite good without relying on fanservice as much as previous episodes
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