Seras, soon to be replaced by Silk

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Ooooooooooooooh! That is so cool!!!
Seras will be replacing Silk tomorrow. Several things need to be configured but everything should be ready to go already. No downtime is expected during this transition.

BTW, do you think it would be wise to invest $19/mo into a dedicated database server? Or is the occasional downtime something that doesn't bother you guys too much?
No, I agree with you onimike. But I download anime

Occasional downtimes aren't bad. Wait until you get a secure income so investing won't puncture your money too bad
I agree with both sasha and onimike. You're already doing so much for us by hosting these anime that I don't mind occational downtimes at all.
Seras will be going down sometime today. If downloads from that server stop, then you'll know why.

Today is February 1, 2005.
Cooliez. How about adding a clock on the front of the site, telling the current time and date where you are? Sorry, just a random idea.
The only problem with huge graphical layouts is... They can take a long time to load, and use heaps of bandwidth. Unless we hosted the images somewhere else... But it would still be a pain for 56kers. There is also an idea of making a splash, with two layouts, one graphical one and one simple one, depending on your connection.
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