Seras, soon to be replaced by Silk

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To be replaced?!
But I tried Silk earlier,the box to view the anime came up,but I can't watch stuff on my computer like that,I actually have to download it because I have restrictions.And if I right click and save to get the download box to come up,I'm web restricted from that too.
Oh more anime for me...
What's so special about Silk, I thought it was fast coz it was offloading pressure on Seras. If you take Seras offline, won't everything just slow down again?
Silk is on a different network than Seras, so the limitations are a bit different. I just want to see the performance difference between Silk and Seras to make sure that this is a wise thing to do. Anyways, one Seras server almost costs as much as two Silk servers so if Silk is able to perform adequately, then there may be enough money to get another server.

Anyways, keep giving Silk a try. Let me know about any problems you're having or any problems that you had that went away. That sort of info helps me debug any issues that may arise.
Like LittleMew says Left clicking opens windows media and well for me anyway right clicking leads straight to where I want to save without entering a password.
i love the new server and i dont have any limits anymore and its faster than the old server
seras doesnt work at all to me, while silk works perfectly and so damn fast too haha i hope this last forever (yeah i know it wont)
this silk server is great. The download much faster that the old one. If this server contiue , this site will be one of the best site. It has alot of anime + fast download
my experience with silk isn't being too good =/

downloading grenadier (170MB) 12 hours ago took 2h46m from silk; any attemps to download from silk in the last 3 / 4 hours were unsuccessful, it'd be awfully slow and would end up getting as low as 0k/s for a long time.. (my browser then cancelled the downloads when that happened)

with seras, 170MB - 1h02m, 172.2MB - 1h17m. Having a 512Kbps connection that's pretty much as fast as i want it to be..

daft, if you need any further info let me know!
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