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Here is a brief description of the various official titles given to FTV members. The title can be found next to a member's name in his posts. A list of all team members can be found Here.

Fansub.TV Leaders
Identified in red in the "currently on" list of members
These are the administrators of the site. They have final authority on any issues.

Fansub TV Team Members
Identified in green in the "currently on" list of members
These are the team members. Each team member is autonomous and free to act as he/she sees fit. These members follow the "general rules" but are allowed discretionary moderating powers. In other words, team members represent the authority and should be contacted in case of problems.

Team members are usually selected from senior sempais or people that have showed a good sense of judgement, a dedication to FTV and a will to help others. Keep in mind that these team members are not rewarded with anything other than being able to see a clean and friendly FTV.

Identified in blue in the "currently on" list of members
These are the senior members. Senior members are members that have showed a dedication to FTV and have been around long enough to know how FTV works. They have direct moderation powers in the support sections and are always available to help solve any issues you may have. Althougth sempais do not have moderator's powers in the rest of the forum, advice by a sempai should usually be followed. Most of the time, they know what they are saying and they know the community will react.

Sempais are generally a trusted source of information for anyone seeking help about FTV.

This is a group reserved for people who used to be team members or active sempais. They are people who choose to take a step back from FTV. Their past dedication is recognized through this group.

Retired members are not often seen in active discussions, but some still come from time to time to see how things are doing. Treat them well since they are the foundation on which the current FTV was built.


If there are any questions regarding the roles of any member with a previledged title, contact any of the moderators via PM.
Not open for further replies.
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