Section's Rules

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-kenja sama
These are the ground rules for this section

- Any opinion is fair game as long as you support it with arguments.

- Normal forum rules also apply. Check HERE for details

- Most of all, stay respectful of others people and their ideas, do not use abusive language and always support your arguments.

- This is not a section for "casual conversation". Posts in this section are about ideas and opinions not for general chatter. By extension, any "one liner" posts will be considered chatter/spam, with special cases permitting. Posts not meeting this criteria will be deleted.

- You are required to read (at minimum) the two most recent pages of a thread before joining the discussion.

Warning: You are free to disagree with someone, but always do it in a respectful manner. Any disrespectful comments can lead to a ban.
Not open for further replies.
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