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Upon the creation of humanity, there has always been an evolution of some sort for the greater cause, the cause of simplicity, comfort, decreasing the consumption of time and effort. A group of our earliest generations discovered the benefits of fire and learned how to sufficiently use such phenomenon. At early ages, it was used to increase the temperature of the 'food' they had attained during the day and rid the most of subjects' harmful bacterias and viruses, also to bring a light, a hope to the darkness and emptiness of night. Many other discoveries has been made to this day and many more developments. Similarly, this site has been advancing from scratch (or so zaft claims) to what is now you see. A lot of new features has been added to the site and yes, as you may have noticed, FTV's "Search" feature (Search Engine) has been redesigned for your luxury. But worry not, you can still access the last generation's search feature by clicking on the "more options" button ( I really wished that I could say "buttin" to relate this to that episode of south park, entitled "butt-out". As pitiful as it may seem, I cannot do that-- at this stage.) By doing so, more options and features will be available to you. At-last, I may have to inform you of one or two possible bugs (mainly mis-types) that currently exist and are related directly to one another.

Current bugs-- to be fixed soon:
1-'Show results as posts' feature is doing what 'Show results as topics' feature is supposed to do and vice versa.

If you have found any other bug, please inform any of the moderating team.
Not open for further replies.
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