School Days

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Has anyone watched this yet? cos i remember seeing its name mentioned before and it was spost to be really good. I found fairly boring to be honest, i was kinda expecting more from it. Its gotta compete with shows like Shuffle! and Ichigo 100% and i dont think it can really hack it. An entire episode revolving around three characters might of worked for something else but i didnt think it did for this, there seemed to be alot of empty space in the ep which they didnt even bother sticking some music in to spice it up.
School Days is disappointng, seeing as its the first episode aswell, i thought it would of delivered more than 'o, she kissed him at the end' - hopefully it will get better i personally am not going to download it again, im just gona wait to see what you guys say about it. I happened to say the same about Honey & Clover and that proved me wrong, so i guess i'll see how it goes.
I just watched it cause im a sap for cute anime girls, but yah it could've been better.

I actually like the pace. I got to see a lot of nice animation and the dialogue didn't seem too bad. In my opinion, I thought Ichigo 100% was just terrible. Shuffle!, however, is doing well even though not much has happened since Primula arrived. (( let's see more Primula! )) Anyways... this series seems to be a little more serious and perhaps that accounts for pace.

School Days gets my vote.
I love this series. It goes by a pace and style that is quite unique. Shuffle and Ichigo 100% has comedy as a large factor in it. While School Days is a serious and at the same time touching feeling. It's like comparing Kimi Ga Nozomu Eien to He Is My Master. Well, thats a little exaggrating but you get the picture. School Days, Shuffle, and Da Capo SS are all on my must watch list. ^^ The manga for Ichigo 100% was so much better. The anime doesn't do the manga justice.
i really like shuffle!, its got a nice comedy element. enjoyed Icihgo 100% for the first few eps. maybe i will make myself watch it again, i found the dialogue okay, but nothing to good about the animation. bleh.. i'll download the next ep, seeing as u guys seemed to have thought it was that good... maybe it is honey and clover syndrome, maybe not...
was that the last ep of these series or something
wow so how many eps are in this series ? well let me ask you this is the series any good
QUOTE (MKK2004 @ Aug 12 2005, 03:20 PM)
dont watch the GIF if you dont want spoiler!

how do you expect us not to see it?!
actually its kinda hard when he has it as his icon thingy
QUOTE (MKK2004 @ Aug 12 2005, 03:20 PM) ZOMG, SPOILER: this anime actually is REALLY mature, not in a hentai way. If you cant stand complicated loves or suicides DONT continue to watch it!

my proof, its a scene of the last episode
dont watch the GIF if you dont want spoiler!

the designer really like depressing endings...he also did Mizuiho and Iriya no Sora...
cool... maybe it will turn out alright.
Yes you are a cold bastard. Have some feelings for the people!! How do you think everyone felt at that stage, where love is ruined and despair sets into your bones? I'm not going to watch that gif, just for the sake of enjoying a series. Actually, from now on I vow never to see anymore spoilers!! Is the series Iriya no Sora good?
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