S4 League


-chibi kami sama

Its a free 3rd person online shooter, similar to gunz (cant really compare as I haven't really played much of gunz). The Graphics are nice with a cartoon/anime look (similar to team fortress 2) with ranges of weapons and stylish fashion/clothes and skills. In the game at the moment there are 2 modes which are touchdown and team death match. Team death match is just the typical "team death match" where as Touch down is more competitive as it is similar to a game of soccer/rugby but instead with weapons as teams try to score goals.

*The game is hosted by alaplaya a German company but because the game works by p2p connection, your latency with other players is determined by their location. And I also suggest to buy one weapon and one skill first, to prevent yourself from locking up your account because of the weird thinking that alaplaya decided to not include at least one permanent weapon and skill, unlike the korean released version

website/client: s4.en.alaplaya.eu
or you could just google it

Can't be bothered to post screenshots, just google and youtube them XD.


Was about to make a thread for this awesome and fun MMO!!!Im a big fan of S4 because it's such a great and fun game,been playing it for about 1 month and Im still not bored and won't be for quite a longtime!If anyone playing this game you'll mostly find me in the english server,free room,name:SolBalmung,Im a healer and sometime an invader!Hope Alplaya add new weapons and mode in the future and stabilize the server more so the matchs can run smoothly!
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