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.:Anime Section Rules:.

* Licensed series

If a series is licensed, do not ask where to download it or tell people where to get it. Your post and all related replies will be deleted. To find out the latest licences check this thread Licensed Anime.

* Media Factory Inc. Works
Media Factory Inc. has requested to remove any download link that are related to their product. Further information can be found on Animesuki website. CLICK HERE. Any anime series that are works from Media Factory Inc. is treated as licensed series. Therefore, asking or giving for one of MFI work is NOT allowed. This will include requesting/giving website link to direct download, torrent, or RAW.

* Fansub Groups
Requesting or giving any links about fansub group that either subs or dubs an anime is generally NOT allowed. Also discussing about fansub group quality, their releases, etc is also NOT allowed. If the anime is licensed (or one of MFI works), stating the name of the fansub groups is strictly NOT allowed.

* Spoilers

The majority of people do not wish to see spoilers or let alone read through countless posts of members discussing a new episode that they haven't watch it yet. Therefore, here we use spoiler tags which is available on the list of code buttons. Here is the code. CODE
Try reading here: Any spoilers not in this format will be deleted!

Please use the spoiler tags every time you want to discuss an episode that is just released.

* Search
At the top of the page you will find the Search button, its not there for decoration its there for you to search for information you need and also to check that a particular thread you are about to create does not already exist.

* One Thread Per Series, Per Season
Keep each season or series in a separate thread of its own, don't post season 2 stuff in the season 1 thread etc. This helps keep things easy to find, no one wants to wade through 20 pages to find season 2/3/4+ etc.

* Off topic/Chatting
Off topic posts or "chatting" in threads is a strict no no. No one wants to read through why your dog is called buster or two people chatting about what they did at the weekend. Theres a place for this and it is not here.

*Next Episode Release
Please do not ask when the next episode will be released. Because "it will be released when it is ready. "
Please remember:
  • Fansub. TV has nothing to do with unreleased fansubbed episodes, so we don't know when an episode will be released or why it's taking so long for an episode to be subbed.
  • The fansub group subbing a series for free. Therefore, you have no right to demand anything.
  • Subbing an episode takes time. Some fansub group might need only one day to sub an episode and release it. But if a fansub group need a week, a month, or maybe longer to release an episode, please do not complain. The people who are working for fansub group have life too.
Posts / threads where users just ask when the next episode is going to be released can be deleted / closed at the moderators' discretion, without any further notice.

* Downloads and progress *
Posts about your download status or download issues do not belong here. Rather, it is preferred that you discuss actual anime content rather than the method of acquisition (the store, a friend, download, torrent, etc) or distribution medium (DVDs, VHS, digital files, etc).

* Troubleshooting Problems *
Do not talk about episode playback problems here. If you have problems with video, audio, or subs, please post it in the Episode Playback Help forums. If you have problems or questions about downloading files, put it in the File Distribution forum.

* Anime Request Thread *

Use the Anime Request Thread located at the top of the anime forum to request links to anime episodes. Remember when requesting anime episodes Fansub TV cannot provide links to licensed material or MFI works.

* Anime Recommendation *

To request or provide anime recommendations use the Anime Recommendation thread located at the top of the anime forum.

* Anime Music Thread *

To request links or discuss anime music use the Anime Music Thread located at the top of the anime forum.

DO NOT ask for requests or recommendations in new threads or in other anime's threads. Use the threads listed above instead. All previous rules still apply.

*Any questions or comments please pm moderators.
See HERE for a list of all mods
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Anime rules are updated on 27 February 2007.

The following rules are added:
* Media Factory Inc. Works
* Fansub Groups

Updated by: daft27 and jul10
Anime rules are updated on 12 March 2007.

Updated rules regarding spoiler tags and download progress.
Adding links to the troubleshooting section.

The following rule is added:
*Next Episode Release

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Anime rules are updated on 1 August 2008.

The following rules and links are added pertaining to proper area posting:
*Anime Music Thread
*Anime Request Thread
*Anime Recommendation

Updated by: senpai-kun and JunMisugi

Updated by: Maiku_Ando
Anime rules are updated on 4th August 2021.

*After finding the rule thread, made it sticky/pinned again.
*Updated the links in the post to current locations (some are not accessible but now correct).
*Added new rule: One Thread Per Series, Per Season
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