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This section of the forum uses RSS feeds from various locations to bring news into the forum.
You can discuss and reply to the threads and posts made by "Notification" just like a normal thread, any comments or posts wont appear on the original site only on this forum, and our rss feed.

Fansubers who use our DDL service can also post new topics in here, normal members cannot start topics but can reply to any existing ones.

If you would like to request a new feed to be added, you can do so by replying to this post with your sugestion.

If you are from a group or website that has its feed added in here and wish for it to be removed, you can also request it here.

Feeds Currently Active in this forum include:
ANN - Anime News Network
SS - Static Subs
Mazui - Mazui Subs
Wasurenai - Wasurenai Subs
TZM - Team Zebraman Subs
FTV-Subs - Fansub.TV Sub Group
FFF - FFFansubs