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Fansub.TV is currently designed using a fixed-pixel 980px width, a commonly used standard. During development, the website is constantly tested using a 1920x1080 screen (standard 1080p) and a 1280x800 screen. Between the two, it looks better on 1280x800 as there is less white space on the edges.

As some of you may know, I am interested in getting a new screen with 2560x1440 pixels (standard 1440p) and that brings to me to the topic of the next iteration of FTV's website design: whether or not it should be made responsive. A responsive web design is a design that adapts to different screen resolutions and pixel-ratios through the use of media queries. This means that Fansub.TV would no longer have to have excessive white space on the sides on high resolution displays, and zooming-in would not be required to browse the site on mobile devices.

My question to you is what screen resolution(s) would you like to see Fansub.TV specifically designed for?


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I usually look at FTV on a portrait oriented monitor (1200x1920) so the current width is convenient.

It would be neat to have the dynamic sizes for mobile browsing, I run a galaxy S2 phone, whatever the native res for that is (480x960?), but I live in a place with unreliable data, and so I rarely end up using my phone to look at ftv.


I have two monitors, one 1920x1200 and the other 1920x1080. I find the site design is fine and comfortable as-is for larger resolutions. Why? Well, pretty much all other sites are designed for 1024 or or 1280 or 1400 width maximum anyway. Because of this, i dont use my whole monitor to use webpages anyway, using the extra space for something else. Not only that, i know my resolution and higher ones are in the minority so i dont think its worthy of focus.

Instead, a mobile version of the forums/site would be phenomenal. The number of people accessing with limited resolutions and bandwith is continually growing due to the ubiquity of smartphones and to some extent tablets, and this site is pretty clunky to use on a phone. I think this board has some custom modifications to it making it harder to import a mobile module of some sort, correct? Anyway, if you want ideas, a good example (though i haven been there in a year) was doujinstyle. Their mobile version didnt display sigs, loaded very fast, didnt lose the new tag for posts by visit but instead by read/not read, and i think it didnt even load spoilered images until you unspoilered them, making it an easy with limited bandwith. The theme didnt take any loading whatsoever either, so it loaded faster on my phone than this site.

I do realize the focus is more on the main page area rather than the tumbleweeds in this forum though. I wonder how many people use that portion of the site from mobile/tablet, it might not be worth it if the percentage is small. Large downloads and mobile devices dont mix well except in cases of wifi.

If you do get a 1440p IPS 27', let me know how you like it. I was apprehensive about a purchase because the only sensibly priced ones seem to be those korean A- panel brands on ebay, and i worry about getting a lemon with no recourse. That, plus ive been burned by input lag on a 8-bit panel before.
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