Relationship and Friendship

Sanity Panda

Right! Who wants to be the first to put up their idea of where the line is between friendship and a romantic relationship between two people? This line can often be so blurry

Makes me wonder if the next level of a friendship is a relationship in the first place. Disagree... Agree?

QUOTE (mcatmisdaillest)well of course love and lust are two totally different things. The two can exist without the other but can also compliment each other as well. If you love someone and lust is not a factor then that is probably someone like your sibling or maybe a friend who you just really care about deeply but not on a sexual level. When you lust for someone then it's the desire for pure self satisfaction like with say, an attractive guy or girl you met at the mall. When you love and lust for someone then in my mind that is what a healthy more than friends relationship should be. It's impossible to love or even like someone as a girlfriend or boyfriend if you do not lust for them at least slightly. If there is no lust (which is basically attraction) then you and said person are just friends no matter how close you may be.

Does a relationship have to have aspects of lust? Why is it if there is no physical attraction then it can only be friendship?

Yuki Shiido

I think you can have love without lust. It's common to have the two together, but you can also have the two separate. You can love your friends but just as friends... when you love someone romantically, you want to spend all your time with them and stay with them forever... possibly even want to have sex with them. You may also want to have sex with your friends (sexual attraction) but that doesn't mean you're in love with them, necessarily.


Hmmm... for me.. relationship sometimes you will feel not secure, might get too emotional you might face a lot problems... well it is no doubt that relationship do bring good feelings and pleasure... love in relationship for me require 3 of these which are commitment, lust and friendship... well friendship would be much more relaxing and less emotional(depends).. true friendship will last.. but sometimes relationship will end up separation...


hmm..... I've got a feeling that this thread may get merged with the other because they're both about relationships and issues with them, but i guess it just depends on how much of a topic this can be!

Just incase, or if it gets out of hand reltionships thread is ->

Anyway, I find that both friendships and relationships are good (of course
) but they can equally get in the way! It's like when you become to much of a friend, to close in a friendly way you may not want to ask them out because you're worried about what could happen if anything goes wrong in the relationship.

Another issue i've found time and time again is when friends like the same person as you and you can't start a relationship because your friend likes them and you don't want to be mean to them, but then your friend may just ignore what you've done for them and carry on "trying it on with them"

/\ Had both of those happen recently!

But at the sametime you can have a "sexual" or over-active friendship with someone, i don't know how excactly they start but they can happen, almost as if you're above friends but not a relationship. Done something like that before but not that far and they're plenty more awkward than a crumbling relationship, because you don't know how to act or where you stand, and, you can't really like someone else because it's practically cheating! For me i'd say that it starts off as love, because you wouldn't want to do something like that or start a semi-relationship with someone you don't love but if you're wanting to do stuff more when you see them, or wanting to see them to do stuff then that's lust! almost like in school days, where it starts off as lust and then as the program progresses it turns into lust.
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