Regarding "Claiming of Characters, COI proposal"

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-chibi kami sama
As some of u may know recently there was a "Claiming of Characters, COI proposal" thread which has brought to our attention that there are some problems within the anime forum with certain members going on a "claiming character" frenzy. This has caused some stress among fellow members who find it annoying and ridiculous and to a point where we mods/sempai see it as spam.
So speaking on behalf of the moderating team and sempais we have come to a conclusion that we shall treat this as spam. Pms have already been sent to certain members to stop this ridiculous spamming. We also incourage members who see other members going on a spamming/claiming frenzy to pm mods first so they can warn/ take action upon the member, before other members decide to follow suit and do the same thing. We hope this will solve the problem and better still provide a better forum environment for us all.

If there are any questions feel free to pm chiisai hana or me.

Last of all, just a reminder: The anime forum is for anime discussions
Not open for further replies.
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