Recruiting a Fansub group for Doraemon and Chibi Maruko-chan

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Hi, I'm want make a fansub group for Doraemon and Chibi Maruko-chan

Translator - Translating the Show from Japanese to English Language
Needing N2 or N3 Skill for be a translator, and Need good english too

Translation Checker [TLC] - Find the Translation Error, and fixing the error translation
Needing a good skill for be a translation checker, and needing knowledge about english and japanese

Raw Provider - Capture or Record the Show while the show still airing
You must on Japan country.
Needing Osaka, Aichi, and Kyushu Capper

Encoder - Encode the Show from DVD/BD or TS [Transport Streams]
You must had good avisynth skill for encode from DVD/BD or Transport Stream. Must use MeGUI for encode.
Just needing old series transport stream and DVD/BD encoder.
For Old series transport Stream and DVD/BD encoder. Need knowledge about Degrain, color correction, deshaking, or stabilizing the video.

Editor - Editing the bad grammar and spelling
Needing a Native English Language, or had good english level understanding Grammar and Spelling

Typesetting and After Effect - Doing a Typesetting on Japanese title/text like (product name, shop title, and messaging text)
Needing a After Effect Skill and knowledge about Motion Tracking, Use Clip, Time function

Quality Checker - Check for consistency issues like character names, honorifics, and key terms
This job must check encode error, timing error, grammar and spelling error

If Interest , Private Messages me!
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