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hmm that doesnt happen to me but then again i dont use bittorent so thats probably why. Bittorent doesnt work for me
It just doesnt ever time i try to use bit torrent the torrent never starts downloading, meaning it never connects to any peers.
thats wierd hmm might be something else blocking it ... do you have like nortans anti virus there firewall pisses me off when it comes to bit torrent. last time i had a problem with bit torrent it was cause of stupid nortan lol stupid nortan anti virus
lol I dont have norton's firewall I have one called Sygate Personal Firewall and I usually don't have problems with anything but bittorents.
According to the forum of the subbers their translator was away, but he thinks that theyll release the next ep soon.
yes the green witch chick damn is all i gotta say lol poor teacher had a hard time not having nasty thoughts about her lol
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