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Ah, but this isn't the only battle you have lost DC. Join the dark side DC we will keep you happy
Dark, you must be strong... The remember that the dark side takes out your innermost desires and uses then to their advantage. You must give in.... Uh, I mean you must not fall to your worldly desires. Uh, yeah. Thats what I meant. Oh jeeze, save me... It's all over...
lol and to think in all jedi games i play as the light sided charaters hmm i suppost women are my absolute weakness lol
hey hey hey... don't just say "dark", i thought you guys were talking about me! and i'm not sure if it's really about dark casper yet, i didn't feel like reading the whole thread

yes one cant reisist the dark side for long muahahahahahahaha

anyways besideds that does anyone know when the next ep will be out ?
That sucks DC but you your torment will be over soon and you can come back and watch it and hopefully by then there will even more for you to watch to keep you occupied
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