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well other than the exception of the age part mind Kashina the wood element witch is who i was referring to, but Yoku looks really good too.. but mind by just basing on character and looks i still think Kashina is the best...
QUOTE (usspaul @ Jul 24 2005, 08:48 PM) now which one is yoku i kinda go by the color of there uniform/witch suit lol
yoku is orange.

@Dark-Casper join the dark side of the force....Anti Loli Squad cannot help u now...
i cant even watch this anime it just draw my attention so far away that i just watched the news instead, that is really bad in my taste but it seems people like it, so far its just the girls in it.
MKK is right, give up now and join us Dark Casper
There is no one to help you now
Its funny!
I prefered the Power rangers girls. The way that mecha launched was just awesome!
But I dont get it....does this show have two different stories? (EX. witches and the space police)
It's pretty funny, love pheromone morves like power rangers, they launch ther mecha thunderbird style, and they just dont give a damm about the city or people in it aslong as they can defete evil'.
yea they are pretty funny . i laughed real hard when the police was like oh no its love pheromone, everyone run! and the other police guy was like what about the hostege .and the cop guy was like screw her are lives are more important lol
Lol yeah those girls even said it themselves they dont care about the hostage, I wasn't expecting. Even the opening scene where they chase after panty thief in thier suits (hehehe i like the costumes for the witches and love pheromone too)
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