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Ok, just watched this series... and just deleted my reply!! Isn't that great? I guess I didn't watch S2... as I looked up the Wikipedia on it and don't remember it at all, and I just watched it and the 2 films.. I think it was because the comments on S2 weren't very good and they recommended it be skipped... but now, I think I'll check S2 out, it's only 11 eps, which does seem to imply 'filler' as someone else said above. The end of the last film does imply a continuance of the storyline.

I've seen this whole 'brain' thing a number of times, I'm sure others here have in various scifi... I think I remember one from the 50s... the old Star Trek series.. etc. even Harry Potter included a little hint of it at their Ministry of Magic basement scene run amuk. That said, it's always pretty much the same, but here they utilize psychos.... usually the personality type isn't mentioned... same with the concept of psychopathy, which wasn't well known until fairly recently... with those books like The Mask of Sanity, and especially that book from behind the Nazi and later Soviet iron curtain which had an extremely hard time getting published at all, and then only by Laura Knight-Jadcyzk's group which studies all this esoteric stuff: "Political Ponerology"... the process of how psychopaths infiltrate, take over, pervert and destroy all of society and its many organizations, perverting the language built up to support it... the intellectual idiocy and corruption we see especially recently in the establishment's attack on Trump... as the two parties here in the States are both run and controlled by the same oligarchy... which isn't mentioned in Psycho Pass... I haven't seen S2 yet, but the 2 films don't imply any change it the worldview of the Sybil system... based in brains of the smart intellectual type of psychos... which just doesn't work if you know anything about psychos... they are naturally born human predators, and are easier to understand when you see them that way... the way they are.. they way they see themselves... Yes, like anyone else, there are smart and dumb ones... the smart ones can hold their desires in check to achieve their goals of controlling others, other groups, govts, etc... and there's no way they would willingly join some collective without seeing something in it for them... they wouldn't give up their bodies.. as they don't see any life outside of it.... this anime suffers from this same misunderstanding as most projects that utilize this plot device... no knowledge of the SG.... secret govt.. that runs the lower rungs in the 'deep state' and establishment... the SG types stay in the shadows.... especially the upper branches... the lower ones are any and everywhere hiding in plain sight, as they are newbies to the system.... and not really 'tested', so expendable, same as the entire establishment etc... and especially us... the masses, the sheeple.. and this Sibyl system does portray how the masses just want peace, but the SG types thrive on the opposite... and their masters above them, mostly feed off of negative energy, thus why everything 'good', turns 'bad' in the eyes of the masses.. the SG types burn candles at both ends simultaneously.... preparing parties to go to war with each other... to keep wars going, etc.... the banksters feed the money system we have in the West.. they setup Lenin and Trotsky in Russia, lost control when Lenin died, then setup Hitler and his Nazis... using the Nazi Jews... who helped them in order to setup their own state in Palestine.... using their HQs in the Western capitals... etc, etc... always the same story.. We live in Purgatory... 'dark side' rules here... we have to 'wake up' and see the need to choose sides.. .then empower that choice.

But this is all rather esoteric, and most artist types just touch upon the matter of the 'real nature of our world'... you can see this in most of these dystopian projects... apocalyptic storylines... end of the world... etc... because the end of our Iron Age is said to be upon us... etc. The use of Psychos is rather new, before they would just be megalomaniacs, same thing really, but with time and further study/analysis, the names and data get more specific... but the data on psychos is mostly rather new and like pedophiles, is being brought out of the closet for the New World Order... hidden in the closet all these eons... waiting for their chance to 'shine' on the pubic stage, to take their bows and enjoy the limelight... this is implied here in PsychoPass, and the reason Sibyl wants to study Akane, our MC... to see how best to continue to manipulate the masses and sell their 'dope' or fake intellectual BS... in order to 'go public'... all of which is rather ridiculous considering they aren't physical beings... which is a big problem with this plotline... the writer needs to expand beyond this Sibyl system to the SG types that control it behind in the shadows.... which is how our 'real world' works... there's always a bigger 'top dog' in the shadows pulling the strings... same in Oz.

I'll go check out S2, even if it looks to be disappointing... but it's short, and I'm always looking for fragments anyway... this storyline does go 'shonen' as others said... but the characters are good... just hoping the story goes deeper than what all the other 'disembodied brains' projects have done before.... but that would have to be in a future film/series.


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gdpetti said:
Ok, just watched this series... and just deleted my reply!! Isn't that great? I guess I didn't watch S2... as I looked up the Wikipedia on it and don't remember it at all, and I just watched it and the 2 films
even if S2 isn't as good, I suggest you to try Re:Start too (11 extended S1 eps)... from what I know there's just 1 film, or you saw all cutscenes of its Vn game :p


My bad... just looked it up... not sure what I saw... guess it was the end of S1, which I thought was a film? then the film with the Sibyl system going to that offshore island, the mercs etc.
So you're right... watching S2 now... :angry: Damn, the overall storywriting is ok , as it's essentially the same, only there are so many WTF moments that start popping up all over the place by this last ep 6 I just watched... they always let the 'bad guy' go.. they sit around doing nothing... they don't carry those suppression sticks as they were told to from S1 when this same sort of thing happened.... and it keeps repeating and repeating... yes, Sibyl is probably playing psycho games, as that is who they are... and none of these enforcers, investigators are concerned enough about living till tomorrow to carry even a knife? how about a rock? :rolleyes: It's totally absurd, no wonder people suggested not watching it! I guess it's a study on how not to do filler... but if not for these little moments that started popping up and are now growing exponentially, the film would be fine.... but these stupid moments are taking over the entire storyline... the action makes the 'cops' look so stupid, you wonder if they aren't all brainwashed machines.... and in a since they are, same as the general populace, but this is really pushing that way, way over the top into complete idiocy... .but hey, if the director/writer is pleased and the production team doesn't care, why stop??? :lol:

S2 is a repeat of the storyline from S1... the entire police team is essentially a plaything for the psychoSybil brain collective... and these plotlines of allowing their targets to always get away seem programmed into the entire police force... Sibyl is looking for more psychos out in the public worthy of joining their collective for these games they are playing on the 'sleeping' public... sheeple....Akane is chief of the hunting pack, and their prey is the public it seems... to further the premise of a 'ponerized' society,... one taken over by psychos who try to turn all of the public into pathological types like themselves... only Sibyl is a group of psychos and psychos are born predators without a conscience, and the public isn't... except those very few (6%) that are.. who the Sibyl group is looking for... the 'best' or smartest psychos worthy of joining their team... the psycho team... and the general public can only be put to sleep continuously or turned into sociopaths... similar to psychos, only they have a conscience that they have to deal with.... that was a nice bit by the professor that joined their team... let the public see what their 'game' really was.... provoke a reaction in their conscience.

Like James Bond, Akane and her team never seem to come to grip with this basic fact/situation of their city/nation... I wonder why those capable of thinking for themselves continue to live in the city when exiting for the countryside would be the logical thing to do... Sibyl and her city will self-destruct in time, that's just the way they are programmed... only so many predators can exist in any patch of land... and then they start attacking each other, as this anime seems to be exploring.... only question is whether the writer is aware of this.. My guess is no... but they are subconsciously going in this direction by default... as is society in general. Sort of like the USA today, with all those intellectual idiots paid by Hilllary and Soros and all the other intel NGOs to bring chaos to the country in their fake revolution meme... for their NWO script entails their need to excuse their martial law plans by a call from the public for protection... same con game throughout history.... which is why the libraries get burnt... destroy the evidence of the past to ensure the script can continue to be used over and over again.

I'm trying to fast forward through this S2... I'd usually give it up already... <_< But, there are little tidbits in most art forms that make it worthwhile.... though frustrating.... but hey, that's life here in Purgatory....and the Sibyl version of Japan isn't that far wrong from the Western world today... the public is in general 'asleep'... thus that saying in most works.... such as in Dune... "The sleeper must awaken." used in many works,... Sleeping Beauty... Matrix... the fact that we are 'asleep' and need to wake up... which is what these psychos are in fact forcing the citizens to do... wake up.... but the way this is written, it seems more like a copout... an excuse for their psychopathic ways.... thus the modern 'anti-hero'... the 'bad guy' pretending to be a 'good guy'... that move by the professor is more in the line of how a 'good guy' would do it... use the situation at hand to show those paying attention what's really going on.


Finished S2.... -_- ends in rather typical fashion.... perhaps not 'filler', but rather like many series, they seek to keep it going instead of ending it... I forget if it's based on a manga or what.... but it ends in the usual intellectual BS routine... all of which gets rather trite by the end... but you really can't expect better from those that aren't aware of what they are dealing with, and that seems to be the case, and that is the usual situation... not much you can do about that... and I would expect any further stories in this 'franchise', to be the same.... and I think franchise is the word.. one most projects seek in a money centered system.

Overall, the action is pretty good, but too much intellectual BS used as excuses by most of the psychos, including the Sibyl collective... which is again interesting in using that word considering what comes next in our own 'game'... leading into the next phase.... 4th density awareness.... Social Memory Complex... but each has to enter it by 'cleaning' up their own mind... so this Sibyl collective is just a artifact used by the writer and is seen in many works.. because it works, same as a trope.

:mellow: Always looking more more, but usually finding none.... just repetition.. the search is mainly for fragments... all part of the game or puzzle of life. ;)