Review Prequel watch: Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation

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In this prequel I will be delving into Jobless Reincarnation which was one of the better anime series of the winter 2021 season. It is one I would recommend for its good storytelling. Be warned thought that our main man Rudeus Greyrat is a bit of a perv so there will be ecchi scenes littered throughout this one. Even if you are not a fan of such things though don't let that deter you from watching this!


Episodes: 11 Original airing dates: 11th January 2021 – 22nd March 2021
Studio: Studio Bind Genre: Isekai, drama, ecchi
Sequel: Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation Part 2
Recommended audience: monsta recommendation! Fans of fantasy and drama will like this.​


Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation otherwise known as Mushoku Tensei: Isekai Ittara Honki Dasu is a isekai/fantasy series that originally aired in the winter 2021 season. The anime series has spawned a second season which came out in autumn 2021. The story behind Jobless Reincarnation takes on the classic staple of all isekai series; Truck-kun goes on a rampage and kills off our main protagonist who is then reincarnated into a new world as a baby boy named Rudeus Greyrat.

Before starting this review, I will say this anime will not please everyone in the anime community. One of the sources of controversy this anime had is the protagonist’s personality. The fact the main character still retains the memories of his 40-year-old persona from a previous life means that this anime treads some dicey ground when he meets and hits on girl who are often underage. This type of scenario presents itself on more than one occasion and this was a turnoff for some people. If that is you then I wouldn’t recommend watching this. If on the other hand you are okay with this then you are likely to enjoy the series.


The premise behind Jobless Reincarnation sounds positively uninspired and is an idea that has been done a million times before but as they say: “don’t judge a book by its cover” and in the case of Jobless Reincarnation this certainly proves to be the case. For whilst the backstory is totally unremarkable it is the journey of the story that makes this series stand out from its isekai brethren.

The plot for season one of Jobless Reincarnation can be broken down into four arcs and for this original run being only 11 episodes long it means that the pacing is never slow and goes at a steady clip. To the anime’s credit things never seem rushed although seeing as this is the first season, we do get an open ending so don’t expect a lot of closure in this one.

In terms of the plot itself we largely see events unfold through the eyes of our main character; Rudeus Greyrat with the story beginning with his life as a baby. The way this segment is told in the first-person perspective was charming and definitely gave me memories of the move Look Who’s Talking! The man’s 40-year-old head transposed into a baby’s body certainly does lead to some amusing dialogue!

This opening arc also manages to deliver a decent level of worldbuilding as we get used to the idea of how magic works not to mention the issues of race that will feature more heavily in the latter parts of the story. We are also introduced to one of the key characters in Roxy Migurdia as she is introduced very early on and we witness how her relationship develops with Rudeus and the Greyrat household.


The character and story building are all done in a convincing manner keeping me constantly engaged either with its humour or the developments in the story itself. Things continue to progress quickly though so we never dwell on a particular point and sure enough the focus of the story shifts as we get an arc that is more centred on Rudeus and his companion Sylphiette "Sylphy". This part of the story serves to reinforce points raised in the opening arc of Jobless Reincarnation as the world begins to open up and we gain a better perspective of the world around us.

This worldbuilding is expanded further as Rudeus takes on his first job. It is at this point we get introduced to various noble families and get our first dose of political intrigue. This is also the part of the show where the level of action and drama increases as Rudeus takes on his first real fights both in battle and with his “wilful” cousin Eris Greyrat. This passage has a lot of things going for it as we also begin to get tie-ins to elements introduced in the earlier parts of the story.


It is what comes next when the series really kicks off as the anime really throws a curveball near the end. It is a good curveball as what happens next not only changes the dynamic of the series in a big way; it also raises a number of questions about the in-world universe. On top of that we really do see some positive developments in not just Rudy but also his cousin Eris who while still retaining her foolhardy nature does demonstrate a greater level of maturity as well as gaining some redeeming characteristics.

These good plot and character developments all leave the viewers interested in seeing more as while the story ends on a hopeful note, we are still keen to see what future adventures awaits our main characters. Thankfully with the second season currently on-going we can get to see just that!


Animation in Jobless Reincarnation remains solid and consistent throughout the shows running and I did not find any noticeable declines in quality as the series progressed. It is good but not stunning and does the job well enough. We do get some nice scenic shots here and there but this animation is not the main highlight of the show. What was notable for me was the ending song “Only” by Yukio Oohara which I really enjoyed and was a nice send off for an episode. Jobless Reincarnation utilised two opening songs these are “"Tabibito no Uta" by Yuiko Oohara for episodes 3-4 and 6-8 while “Mezame no uta” by Yuiko Oohara was used in episode 10 of the anime.


This is an anime I would recommend anime fans watch particularly if you are a fan of the fantasy or isekai genres. The premise may sound uninspired but like many things, it is not the destination but the journey that matters. This anime certainly delivers an entertaining journey that quickly grabs your attention with the fine way it handles it first person narrative. It is comical, enjoyable and also provides effective worldbuilding that keeps you engaged for the long haul. What is more many of the early plot elements or activities the characters engage in have future relevance thus people who pay attention are rewarded if they keep an eye with on-going developments. Details are not forgotten in this anime so not disregard any stuff you see!

One possible bone of contention would centre on the Rudeus’s personality. He has a pervy mindset and the fact he retains his 40-year-old mind could make for some uncomfortable viewing as we bear witness to him hitting on various young girls. It will be a show stopper for some but if you can overcome this issue then there is a very good chance you will enjoy this one. I will also highlight that there are some ecchi moments as the series does make it clear that some characters having sex. This issue of sex even becomes a source of drama although it must be noted we never actually see anything. It is heard not seen at least with the version I saw… If you do run into an uncensored version perhaps you will see more… You have been warned!

Saying that, the points just mentioned are not the main focus of Jobless Reincarnation which is primarily a fantasy series with some isekai trappings. If you take the anime for its main strengths then I can say with some confidence that you will have a good time watching this anime. What is more with the series having a lot of source material to work with it is likely we will get to enjoy a lot more future adventures with Rudeus and his gang!

Story 8.5 – Don’t let the premise throw you off. This an anime that tells us a good story that always manages to capture the viewer’s interest early on. Not only is it good but with the numerous arcs this anime has it is actually easy to pick this show up even from the middle and still enjoy developments that come there after making this a very easy series to follow. It is good from start to finish with only the open ending holding it back from being a true classic.

Characters 7.5 – The characters are varied and all likeable in their own ways. The biggest source of controversy will come from the main character Rudeus due to his perverted nature but all the other characters from Roxy or Eris are likeable in their own ways. What’s more, all these characters develop in their own ways as the series progresses.

Animation/music 7.5 – Is solid and consistent throughout. It is good but not remarkable although we do get some good scenic shots here and there. Biggest plus point for me was the ending song “Only” which was the most memorable aspect of this shows animation/music.

Overall 8 – This is a story-driven isekai/fantasy series that will appeal to a large number of anime fans. The only caveat I would add is that if you are uncomfortable with the main character carrying a perverted streak then you may dislike the anime especially if you consider the context behind these relationships.

I would say this point can be ignored because Jobless Reincarnation weaves a good tale from start to finish that is enjoyable as well as engaging. This point will count doubly so if the second season manages to continue in delivering a good story.

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